I know there is another popular Disney world thread going on but I couldn't find it for some reason. Thought I'd selfishly open another one with some of the questions I have!

My friend and I are planning to go the time before Thanksgiving (as in, we are going to be at the park sun-tues, coming back wednesday for Thanksgiving on thurs), and I heard it is the worst / most crowded time to go, but unfortunately that is the only time we can line up in our schedules before our kids graduate from college . Both of our boys are 6 years old. We are currently talking to a specialized Disney World agent (for lack of a better word, ha), she has sent a preliminary plan and we have just started looking at it.

For those of you who have went to the Disney world, can you help shed some light to the following:

- Did you use an agent for the planning/booking?

- If so, do you recommend it?

- What is FastPass+, and how is it different from the fast pass I heard where you get 3 a day per person?

- Did you sign up to have the memory maker, and do you recommend it? Care to elaborate what do you like/dislike about it?

- Dining: did you pre-purchase a dining plan and what plans do you recommend, or do you recommend a dining plan at all?

- we are pretty much set to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The agent talked about how nice it is and how there are animals and such, but upon digging on the website I don't quite see anything about any activities with animals except if you dine at certain restaurants you'd see animals from afar. And planned dining at some restaurants at the lodge doesn't even allow kids under 8. Anyone stayed there and can share your experience?

- We are thinking we'll probably have dinner at the hotel, and may travel to some other hotels within the disney franchise for dining in the evening. Any recommendations on restaurants and experiences? (and please let me know which resort the recommended restaurants are in)

- Any thoughts / tips on beating the crowd during the time we are going to be at the park (just before Thanksgiving)? I talked to another mom and she said the park was unbearable after 1pm. Is it really that bad?

Thank you so much in advance!! xoxo