The timing of this baby is quite a surprise and we were hoping to take our daughter to Disney World for her 3rd birthday in Sept. I have the whole trip planned out I just have to hit confirm.

I'll be 25 weeks when we go... we fly out fri morning with less than 3 hours on the plane, check in and spend the day by the pool, hit up disney springs in the evening for dinner. Do magic kingdom on sat and either go back to magic kingdom on Sun or do epcot. Monday - character breakfast on her birthday, check out and fly home. I would def get the travel insurance.

Is there anything I'm not considering? do anything differently? Am i crazy?

I'm going to the dr for my first appt on 6/1 but i think we'd at least put the deposit down before that

I found 1 website that listed only about 6 rides i wouldn't be able to go on (splash mt, space mt, etc) but i would still be pretty cautious.