So, I think we may be planning a Disney trip with what will be our two and five year old and I'm overwhelmed with options. We plan to go in September/October to hopefully take advantage of a free dining promotion and my youngest ones age (she'll be a few weeks shy of her 3rd birthday). But even with that savings I had no idea Disney properties were so expensive!!!

Right now we are comparing probably a regular room at a moderate resort (using old free dining info) to using points to stay for cheap/maybe "free" at a Marriott timeshare with a separate bedroom and full kitchen. I love the idea of staying on property in a place with a cute theme and not worrying about car rentals/meal prep etc., but is it really worth all that money??

Has anyone stayed both on and off property with little ones? If you've stayed at one of the Marriotts, what did you think? Thanks!!