I recently apologized to a neighbor after Olive was up all night screaming (it turned out to be an ear infection, but at the time we didn't know why she was screaming so much).

Anyway the neighbor said it was no problem, but couldn't resist adding, "I know why she's crying so much." I said, how come? She said, "It's because Americans don't breast feed." (She is from Jamaica.) Then she sighed out the deepest sigh, like she was disappointed in us as parents, disappointed in America and most of all disappointed in the state of parenting in America.

I told her that Olive has been breastfed for over a year, and she just rolled her eyes and started talking about everything else Americans do wrong. It was so funny I almost broke out in laughter! But I wanted to be respectful of my elders (and I felt bad about Olive's nighttime noisiness), so I just said that sometimes the old ways are the best ways. She agreed, and I slunk off into my apartment.

Do you have any judge-y neighbors?