I've come to realize that while I live in a suburban utopia - our whole city is family-centric and geared towards kids, our actual little neighborhood mainly consists of original owners who are grandparents or empty-nesters. For sure, DH and I are the youngest couple on the block. Today, I almost feel like we should have bought in a newer neighborhood (with higher HOAs and less land) just to have similar couples like ourselves...

I get a little envious when I go on my longer walks and see ladies walking in their little couples, same-aged women, sometimes with kids, babies, or not. Do you know what I mean?
I guess when LO arrives I will join some kind of SAHM meetup group, but until then, I'd love to have some preggers-mamas to make friends with! Most of my friends with babies work, or live in another city.
Any suggestions? And what is YOUR neighborhood like?