My daughter is having some trouble with some kids at her school who are very assertive. She is not assertive and at naptime she would give away her blanket and her stuffed animal when someone asked for them or told her to give these items to them.

One night at dinner she told us about that day's naptime. She said one of the usual suspects told her she needed her blanket because she was cold. M told the little girl that she couldn't give her a blanket but she could ask the teacher for an extra one.

We're pretty proud of her for A. sticking up for herself and B. telling us about it. We ended up letting her have a big dessert that night after she told us about it. We made a big deal out of it, too. Lots of high fives and "good job"'s.

In a situation like this, when your child does something that she wasn't comfortable doing in the past, would you reward them somehow or just praise and move on?