We just had our 20 week anatomy scan today, and for the most part things looked good with the exception of some renal abnormalities.

DH was born with what's called vesiculoureteral reflux and had to have surgery as a baby to reattach his ureters to his bladder. Based on today's scan, we think that may be what's going on with our first LO. She has dilated collecting systems, normal kidneys,, normal bladder, and normal amniotic fluid levels. We are being referred to the Pediatric Nephrologist (who DH and I both work with and adore), as well as a Pediatric Urologist (not even a part of our hospital). We'll be getting ultrasounds every 4 weeks now, with both the MFM and Nephrologists there at those appointments.

I feel like we have a plan, and I'm only slightly having alarm bells go off. I hope this is what DH had - as DH has normal kidney function as an adult. Does anyone have any experience with kidney issues in particular, or with getting a vague diagnosis like this and having to increase surveillance? I'm a little on edge, but thankful we both work in medicine and have easy access to specialists we need.

On a bright note, she cooperated for her photos today