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  1. Mrs. Oreo

    pear / 1631 posts

    @dc yoga bee: good luck this cycle!

  2. Ajsmommy

    nectarine / 2624 posts

    @dc yoga bee:

  3. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    I just got home from my IUI. Feeling very positive about this cycle! I definitely ovulated this morning because I felt the pains in my right side and even the nurse said I had lots of cm 👍

    Got in the car afterwards with my husband and on the radio was “Two Pink Lines” by Eric Church...coincidence???

  4. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4091 posts

    @LabradorLover: !!

  5. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @LabradorLover: hope this is it for you!!!

  6. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    I just remembered to get my RX for femara (CD 5 today) and...my doctor didn't fill it like they said they did. So annoyed I rushed out there before the pharmacy closed the cold for nothing. Now I guess I have no choice but to do an uneducated cycle?

  7. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4091 posts

    @crazydoglady: I’d call and complain/ask because you may be able to just start a day late. Sorry it happened how annoying!!

  8. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @bhbee: stupid autocorrect, definitely meant unmedicated. I emailed my doc. Hoping I can do cd6-10.

  9. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    @crazydoglady & bhbee: Thank you!! Officially in the tww now and hopefully it flies by.

    @crazydoglady: I can't see why they wouldn't let you start one day later than usual. It might just make you ovulate a little later. Hope it works out for you!

  10. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4708 posts

    @crazydoglady: hopefully you can still take it!

    @LabradorLover: . I’m 1dpo today too.

  11. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @dc yoga bee: @LabradorLover: @bhbee: It looks like there was a mix up because my RE said they did call it in. She said I can start today.

    @LabradorLover: Is this your first IUI?

  12. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    @dc yoga bee: Yay! We will have to keep each other sane.

    @crazydoglady: Yes, first ever IUI! Praying that is all it takes! We did 3 rounds of Femara and TI with no luck. PS - glad you can start today!

  13. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @LabradorLover: I know there are quite a few bees who got lucky after IUI. I believe dominobee and snarkybiochemost got pregnant after IUI. (I may be new but have been following along for a LONG time.)
    Do you have unexplained infertility?

  14. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4708 posts

    @LabradorLover: Fingers crossed it takes! I'm going to be looking into femara in the new year. We had two failed clomid cycles over the summer. And then we'll move onto IUI.

  15. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1853 posts

    @LabradorLover: yup I got lucky on my 1st IUI. I hope you have the same sucess

  16. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    @crazydoglady: there are too many signs this cycle pointing to good things for us so I’m very hopefully. I have ovulation issues but the femara works great for me so technically now we are unexplained.

    @dc yoga bee: thank you! Femara has been great for me! I’ve had 2 mature follicles all but one time and no side effects from it. My Bestie got pregnant on her first time using femara.

    @snarkybiochemist: thank you and congrats!! I’m feeling very excited and positive about this!

  17. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    Ran into my daughter's old babysitter yesterday. She's pregnant with her 3rd and it took everything in me not to look visibly upset, especially since we had just come from a RE appointment.
    He told me that I'm "perfect on paper". Ha. He recommended Femara, Gonal F and IUI this next cycle but I'm supposed to start a new job next week and I don't know that I'll have the time for all the monitoring I'm seriously considering continuing my temporary SAHM gig so I can have the time.

  18. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @mrskansas: congrats on the new job!! Have you done an iui before?

  19. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    @crazydoglady: no this would be the first! We are doing it strictly because we think this will be our last cycle so we want to do everything we can.

  20. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    @mrskansas: maybe we will both have first-timer IUI luck!

  21. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4708 posts

    @mrskansas: congrats on the new job! I just started a new job two months ago. I took the first month off to get a lay of the land, and busted my butt to set the tone hey I’m a hard worker and dependable. Anytime after that is hey I’m going to have doctors apts and just try to schedule them before or after work, or first thing in the morning to not be too much of a noticeable absence. For me, it was hard to switch jobs from where I was at for five years knowing we were going to pursue treatments, but I still have to live my life too. Good luck!

  22. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4091 posts


  23. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @mrskansas: Could you put off your start date by a couple weeks (until after ovulation?)

  24. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    @crazydoglady: I already tried to push my start date until after Christmas but they weren't too fond of that.

  25. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @mrskansas: Shoot...I hope you find a way to do an IUI in January. I am going to push my husband to do one that month, too.

  26. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    Need all of your expert opinions...

    I had my IUI on Monday, which was maybe an hour or so after I am pretty sure I was ovulating (due to pains and lots of cm), and the nurse said "it looks like you were or already did ovulate and you might have some spotting later on with your cm, but not to be alarmed, it is just cm, not your sperm sample."

    So, I did have spotting, very light but brown spotting, mixed in with my cm for the rest of that day and have ever since. Today it is much less but I am wondering if anyone has ever had any ovulation spotting and wanted to make sure it was just normal? I have never had any midcycle spotting/bleeding so this is new to me. Hoping it all is just a good sign!

  27. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4091 posts

    @LabradorLover: my guess is it’s from them irritating your cervix during the iui - which is not a bad thing and should stop soon i would think. I hope this one works for you!!

  28. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    @bhbee: Thank you for replying!! I wasn't too worried about it since the nurse said there would be a little spotting but she didn't say for the next three days. Oh well, I will just wait and see what happens!

  29. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    Awkward IUI question... can you go in the room with your husband when he is giving his sample? Has anyone been allowed to do it at home and then take it in?

  30. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4091 posts

    @mrskansas: i think they gave us the choice - bring from home or do it there. I think he did it at home for testing, but he did it there for iui as we didn’t want to risk losing any good ones to timing or cold or whatever.

    He said it is awkward, getting shown back by the nurse or waiting in the room when everyone knows your purpose ... there is “material” in the room but he said he preferred to use his imagination than touch it when who knows who else used it then i think you just put it through a little door and leave. Ha.

    We never asked but i don’t think they would have wanted me “helping”. We also never went together because they needed time to process the sample before the iui, so he would give his sample early and go to work and i would come in when they said.

  31. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1853 posts

    @mrskansas: My husband was allowed to give his at home as long as we could get the sample to the office within an hour. He gave it himself and I took it in in my bra since he had to get back to work. Yea I did my IUI solo, I jokingly tell my husband he wasnt even in the room when our daughter was made.

  32. LabradorLover

    apricot / 461 posts

    @mrskansas: My husband was able to do it at home as long as we got it to the office within 90 minutes. Our RE's office says that only the male can drop off and has to show their driver's license...must've had problems in the past!

  33. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    @bhbee: @snarkybiochemist: @LabradorLover:
    Thanks ladies! I should have asked more questions about the process initially but I'm sure they will tell me at the ultrasound beforehand.

  34. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1853 posts

    @mrskansas: Yea they should give you more details before, the biggest question is actually when is the last time they want you to have sex before abstaining for the IUI. In our case they required that the last ejaculate occurred no more then 4 days and no fewer then 2 days prior to the IUI, so we had sex on sunday afternoon for a tuesday afternoon IUI. Good luck with all of this

  35. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @mrskansas: Did you decide to go for it?

  36. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    @crazydoglady: yeah I already started the meds and they are expensive so we're going to make the IUI work. My monitoring appt is on a Sat so hopefully the iui will be the only thing I'll need to do during the work day

  37. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1368 posts

    @mrskansas: Totally understandable. I am very hopeful for you! What meds are you taking?

  38. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    @crazydoglady: Femara and Gonal F. It's the gonal that's expensive!.. it was $350 for one pen.

  39. PeaceLily

    apricot / 360 posts

    @mrskansas: Good luck with the IUI! I really hope this is it for you. It's great you are doing injectables with the femara. From what I've seen injectables tend to have a higher success rate.

    My RE hasn't mentioned injectables yet to us, but if this IUI isn't successful I'll ask to do them next time. As with you, we look perfect on paper and since we've been pregnant before without needing any assistance I think they are moving a bit slower with us. I'm really nervous we'll need IVF, but since my insurance covers IUIs I plan to take full advantage of that.

    I am so hoping this works for you!

  40. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2696 posts

    @PeaceLily: I actually asked about doing a cycle with strictly injectables (no Femara) and he said there is no way he would do that because of my age. So I was happy that he agreed to do a combo cycle.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens for you soon

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