I regularly tip hairdressers, taxi/Lyft/Uber, dog sitter, servers, baristas, but I honestly never knew that there was an expectation for special holiday tips/bonuses in certain lines of work until my son entered daycare. And around the same time, I hired a house cleaner and learned there was an expectation there, too.

Literally I feel like I grew up very average but we only ever gave teachers home-made crafts and cookies. We cleaned our own house then, too. Times have changed!

Sometimes tipping is about acknowledging that someone went above-and-beyond. Other times it’s just what you do and there’s an expected minimum. I think there is probably a wide range of what people actually do, so it would be interesting to hear what bees consider their holiday tipping/cash gifting norms.

Who are the people you tip (let’s say cash, check, gift card, however you give it) at the holidays?

What size tip do you give and how did you decide on that number?