Have you ever made a homeowners insurance claim?

If so, how bad did the damage have to be before you considered it?

Would you do it again?

Backstory- I was walking out of my craftroom Saturday when my foot went "squish." The carpet and padding were SOAKED. The room is next to the laundry closet, and there was a slow drip in the plumbing behind the washer that flooded the closet, seeped into my craftroom, and we discovered yesterday, seeped into our guest room.

For the craft room, DH borrowed a fan and dehumidifier from a friend that used to work for servepro. Yesterday it was still really wet in the padding, so we pulled the carpet back to try to get it to dry quicker.

In the guest room, the parquet floor totally buckled and the wood blocks popped up.

It appears like all the water has been at the floor/subfloor level...not in the walls (except right below the drain). So no "stuff" was affected...just the floors.

We wanted to replace the parquet floor with carpet eventually, so that timeline seems to be moving up.

DH and I didn't really even think about calling insurance until my mom suggested it. DH is trying to get one of his plumbing contacts over today to take care of it ASAP, since we're supposed to get snow Tuesday.

If we've already called out a plumber, is it too late to get insurance involved (or might they cover that retroactively?

Any advice/input appreciated. Ugh. Making decisions like this should totally be taught in high school or something!