I know a lot of us on here employ cleaning services. I just started with one (amazing!!! life changing!!!) and I'm wondering if I'm paying too much.

Please fill out the info below!

1. How big is your house? approx 2000 sq feet, 3 br 2.5 bath, 2 levels
2. How often do you get cleaning done? every 4 weeks
3. How much does it cost? $150 (the initial cleaning was more than double that)
4. What does the cleaning include? just the common areas (kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining area, hallways, stairs, basement rec room.... basically everything but bedrooms)
5. How many people come, and is there a time limit? 2 maids for 2 hours
6. What do you need to provide? a kitchen sponge, toilet brushes and trash can liners
7. Where do you live? suburbs of Boston