My husband is turning 30 and we just bought a house, so we want to do a birthday/housewarming party. He wants to invite all our local family, some of his coworkers and also our friends. The problem is that lots of people have 1-2 kids now, and once you add up all the adults and children, we are at 105 guests! That's crazy to me! Our house is a good size and we have a big backyard, but if it rains, there's no way that many people could fit inside our house. And I don't want to worry about feeding and entertaining that many people either.

The problem is when I look at the list and who I could possibly leave out, I'm worried about hurting their feelings. Most people know each other, since they hang out in different circles. Like all the family are one circle, the coworkers are another circle, I have my mom friends who know each other, then there are our pre-baby friends who know each other. Is it possible to trim the guest list without hurting feelings?