So I know we don't talk politics around here much because it gets so heated, and this is not that so breathe a sigh of relief! what this is about I see alllllllllllllllll the sexual harassment, rape and miscounduct, that literally everyday 5 more men end up being accused of. WTF?! Seriously WTF?! Is it really that hard to treat a woman, another human being with mutual respect and dignity! Are men really only thier penis'? Do you fuckers even have a brain? Everyday when I turn on the news and see deuchebag after deuchebag apologizing for "misunderstanding" a woman or thier sooooo sorry for what they did, my blood pressure gets a little higher. I knew that we were a long way from true equality, but this has made it abundently clear that we are VERY far away. As a woman I'm literally just a fucking sex object and that hasn't changed ever! Now I'm just a sex object capable of making money. The worst part is I don't see the outrage anywhere, it's not on my Facebook feed, not on the news, I can literally hear George sigh every time someone new is accused. I just want to vent, Its so disheartening, the human race really is terrible