Good morning Bees!
I am in need of venting because I am so cranky!

So, last month I took a new job (actually, went back to the job I quit last year) but it is an hour away from where we live. And the once PPO plans are now HMO plans... yuck! Anyways, long story short, because of our location, we fall into the tier that requires $50 copay and 50% coinsurance if we use the services provided closer to us (urgent care, ER, and all doctor's visits). If we drive the 70 minutes to go to the doc, it'd be $20 copay and 20% coinsurance. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This bothers me like crazy. We only go to the doc if we are sick or dying and both agree it would suck having to make the trek in such a situation (urgent or emergent). I keep thinking about what will happen when we're expecting and having the option to drive 20 minutes versus 70 for appointments and labor (or false labor at that). DH's insurance is a PPO but will cost us double the amount of mine ($400 vs $200/month). On top of everything, his employer will give him an extra $160/month to NOT take their insurance which would be just about 2 grand a year but if we take it we'll be paying an extra $2400/year compared to mine.
I just feel like if I am paying the same as my coworkers, I am getting ripped a new one because I live further away than "the majority of the staff". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Okay, vent over. Not even sure this makes sense but I just hate the idea of taking one insurance and having to drive for a cheaper coinsurance or taking another and paying double but being closer to home.

Anyone else have a similar situation? Or that is an hour away from the hospital?