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IVF Thread #4

  1. Amorini

    persimmon / 1120 posts

    @PurplePumps: Hey, lady! Looking good!

  2. momazon

    kiwi / 613 posts

    @PurplePumps: I see those lines! Congratulations!!! Best of luck on Monday for the beta!

  3. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    beta is 312 today 10dp5dt!

  4. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 516 posts

    @PurplePumps: yes!!! amazing news! congrats!

  5. mrswin

    nectarine / 2373 posts

    @PurplePumps: Congrats, that’s fantastic!

  6. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7134 posts

    @PurplePumps: wheeeeeeeeeeee that is FANTASTIC NEWS!

  7. NorthStar

    pear / 1881 posts

    @PurplePumps: Yes!!! That is amazing!! How long do you have to wait for an ultrasound and I assume you will have a second beta?

    Sending all my love!!

  8. YogiRunner

    clementine / 818 posts

    @PurplePumps: Yes! All the best!

  9. momazon

    kiwi / 613 posts

    @PurplePumps: Great beta! Yay!!!

  10. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    beta 704 today! 6.5 week u/s scheduled for 2/7!!

  11. agold

    pomegranate / 3431 posts

    @PurplePumps: Just popping in to say that I am so very excited for you!!!

  12. Amorini

    persimmon / 1120 posts

    @PurplePumps: I have absolutely everything crossed for you!

  13. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7134 posts

    @PurplePumps: 🤗 over the moon happy for you!!!

  14. YogiRunner

    clementine / 818 posts

    Wanted to share some good news about my FET! I got a on Friday and my betas look good!
    Nervous about the u/s in a few weeks but other than that just trying to let myself be happy!

  15. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7134 posts

    @YogiRunner: Woohoo! This thread is picking up again! I have so much love for the IVF mamas here! 🤗❤

  16. mrswin

    nectarine / 2373 posts

    @YogiRunner: Congrats! Lots of sticky dust coming your way

  17. momazon

    kiwi / 613 posts

    @PurplePumps: @YogiRunner: excellent news for both of you!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  18. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 516 posts

    @PurplePumps: @YogiRunner: eek such great news ladies. I agree with @sweetiepie I really missed all of you. We are done having kids but I'm thrilled to cheer you all on. My two little ivf miracles were so worth it all!

  19. Amorini

    persimmon / 1120 posts

    @YogiRunner: Yay!!

  20. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    @YogiRunner: Congrats!!

    AFM.. I'm having some m/c PTSD or something. Tomorrow is 5w3d for this one, the same day I lost my last one. I know logically it makes no sense and chances of anything happening on any particular day are not any higher, but I'm terrified of making it through tomorrow...

  21. momazon

    kiwi / 613 posts

    @PurplePumps: m/c PTSD is totally a thing. I hope things are still going well!

  22. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1286 posts

    @PurplePumps: was so happy to check in on the thread and see your news. Did you have your US today as planned?

  23. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    @yellowbeach: thanks! I did, and everything was perfectly textbook. 6.5mm, 121hb. Here's the little guy and his yolk sac.

  24. NorthStar

    pear / 1881 posts

    @PurplePumps: omg! yay! This makes me soooo happy

    and believe me, i get the apprehension and we never had a miscarraige. Realistically, i didn't believe i would have a baby until i actually had DS. I was convinced it wouldn't happen, so those feels are SOO normal.

  25. OurEastAndWest

    cherry / 134 posts

    Hi ladies!! My name is Brittany & I've been on HB for a long time but have been taking a break from all TTC-talk the last few months while we regrouped from our last failed IUI & disappointment from not being able to start the IVF process when we thought. I wanted to see if I could possibly join this IVF circle now since my husband & I are officially scheduled to begin our first IVF round with my next period- which is next week!! Due on Valentine's Day, I mean does it really get any more romantic than that?? After just ordering our meds, it's like, really REAL now! Holy *&#%$!

    I have a million & one questions but promise to keep them to a minimum ha

    We are totally undiagnosed infertility, which is it's own blessing & curse as I'm sure you understand. I'm 33, hubby is 35. We are doing PGS testing, mainly because if you are already going to be basically spending the price of a new car, why not! I would love to transfer two the first round but I don't think my doctor would let me ha! I am terrified, emotional, thrilled, anxious, hopeful, & pissed off that we are having to spend over $25,000 to have a family... So, the whole gamet of emotions ha!

    Anyway, I hope you all don't mind me joining in & I look forward to getting to know you all & your journeys as well!

  26. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1286 posts

    @OurEastAndWest: Welcome! Congratulations and welcome to the club you never wanted to join! Many people in this group have had success with IVF, some are still trying, so I'm sure you'll find people that will share your emotions all along the way. Best of luck this week to you and your DH.

  27. mrswin

    nectarine / 2373 posts

    @OurEastAndWest: Welcome! Best of luck with your first round of IVF. I was fortunate to have my daughter in 2015 after a successful fresh SET. My RE would only transfer 1 at my age (29) because they had no reason to believe there would be implantation failure.

  28. mrswin

    nectarine / 2373 posts

    Went in for my CD 3 check this morning and am just waiting for the call to start my meds to do an FET with our last frozen blast from our original cycle. Any other ladies in an active cycle right now?

  29. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7134 posts

    @PurplePumps: how did I miss this??? How awesome!

  30. mrswin

    nectarine / 2373 posts

    @PurplePumps: How are you doing? The 3D ultrasound is amazing

  31. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    @SweetiePie: Thanks! I didn't expect the 3d scan but it was pretty cool to see her moving it around and seeing it from all different angles!

    @mrswin: I'm still a nervous wreck!!! My next scan is next Thursday and I'm jut dying to get there and get some good news. I'm a little scare just based on lack of breast changes. My first time was very different. But just trying to tell myself different could be ok and maybe my body is just trying to work on my embryo more than my boobs this time. I was kinda looking forward to a little growth there though! haha

  32. mrswin

    nectarine / 2373 posts

    @PurplePumps: Hahaha that’s too funny. If it helps when I was pregnant with my DD my boobs never changed until I was well into my 3rd trimester lol. Good luck on Thursday!

  33. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1286 posts

    @PurplePumps: we definitely need an update tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you!

  34. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    @yellowbeach: My next scan was supposed to be next Thur ,but I did end up going yesterday cause I had some spotting. But I'm pretty convinced now it's just the Crinone and/or the applicator ripping up my insides cause it just happened again this morning right after inserting. And last night a little after. But I did get a peace of mind scan yesterday and everything was still going perfectly. 1.2cm, 152hr.

  35. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7134 posts

    @PurplePumps: spotting is always a little scary but I’m so glad they are monitoring you closely! And that growth is just perfect! 👍

  36. YogiRunner

    clementine / 818 posts

    @PurplePumps: F crinone! It's the worst. Glad you got to see your little bean again!

    AFM I had some light bleeding last week that caused a very stressful weekend. They tested my levels and gave me a shot of Rhogam because of my negative blood type (so fun) then just told me to sit tight until my ultrasound and to be cautiously optimistic. Luckily it slowed to spotting and my scan was good. Just showed a small blood clot that apparently isn't uncommon. And no spotting since, but I'm on pelvic rest. So now nervously waiting a few more weeks until I see my OB. Sigh. At least my nausea is nice and heavy! Ha.

  37. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1286 posts

    @YogiRunner: ugh how nerve wracking!

  38. OurEastAndWest

    cherry / 134 posts

    @yellowbeach: @mrswin: Thanks!! I'm trying to stay optimistic but DANG is that hard to do when going through all of this

    @YogiRunner: @PurplePumps: Congrats on your little bubs!! That is so exciting {and nerve-wracking too of course!!!}

  39. OurEastAndWest

    cherry / 134 posts

    I had our baseline ultrasound/blood work done yesterday & all looked good so we officially start injections TONIGHT! Gahhh!! I'm definitely freaking out about it today ha. I am ready to just get it started & over with!

    Any tips on how to get through this part of the process?? Anything I should be doing or taking- or NOT doing/taking for that matter- while trying to grow as many healthy follicle-babies as possible?!? I have been going to acupuncture for over a year now & we are adding in a third treatment a week while going through this so fingers crossed that helps as it can too... Gosh, I am ready for this anxiety to just CHILL THE EFF OUT!

  40. YogiRunner

    clementine / 818 posts

    @OurEastAndWest: good luck to you! I think at this point you've done all you can to have nice healthy eggs, so maybe be extra kind to yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back for being such a rockstar through the injections. And the acupuncture is a wonderful addition, even if just mentally checking out on a table for an hour. Cheering you on!

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