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IVF Thread #4

  1. yellowbeach

    apricot / 330 posts

    @OurEastAndWest: I kept a daily journal which helped me unwind and sort out my thoughts at the end of each day. Turned out pretty well and am glad I have the momento.

  2. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3435 posts

    @OurEastAndWest: How'd the injections go last night? I usually found that stims totally flew by and retreival came in no time. good luck!

  3. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3435 posts

    My RE says that after the next good scan (at 8.5 -9 weeks), I'm going to have to continue my care with an OB. When do you first meet with the OB? Do they do anymore scans at the first appointment with them?

  4. YogiRunner

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @PurplePumps: I transitioned to my OB after the 6 week scan with the RE. My OB schedules the next appointment to be around 9 weeks, then did her first scan with me at 11 weeks.

  5. Memphis

    apple seed / 4 posts

    Getting ready to do my FET next week. The hormones are brutal on me. I have no energy, emotional rollercoaster, and stomach is so bloated I can barely fit in my pants. Anyone else have that? When I asked my RE, they just said look up side effects online.

  6. yellowbeach

    apricot / 330 posts

    @PurplePumps: we transitioned at 12 weeks. Even got a “graduation” certificate from our RE. He did a scan arbor that last appointment, but then we waited until 20 weeks for our next US for the anatomy scan. We had one interval visit with my OBs NP just to take a complete history, decide/discuss where we wanted to deliver, and discuss midwives if we were interested in that (we weren’t).

  7. yellowbeach

    apricot / 330 posts

    @Memphis: I was very bloated, so they were on the lookout for ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. If I recall they want you to weigh yourself every day and there’s a threshold that’s too much weight gain and is a sign of OHSS. Sorry memory is bad.

  8. OurEastAndWest

    cherry / 134 posts

    @YogiRunner: Thank you! And you're right about the acupuncture time being at least a bit of 'calm' within this crazy storm! I have my next two appointments in the afternoon, when my energy is already the lowest, so hopefully I can actually get a small nap in too!

    @yellowbeach: I was actually thinking last night about recording how things are going so I can montior any big changes and such. I'm so glad you mentioned that it helped you, I will start one now for sure!

    @PurplePumps: Congrats on graduating to your OB!! The injections are no biggie at all! Such a teeny, tiny little needle & no tummy fat squeezing yet like with the Ovidrel we did before our IUIs ha. Whoop whoop for that! I think I was more anxious about it all being so unknown & new for both of us. Plus all these big words like injections & IVF being thrown around, they just instill a level of seriousness that gives me anxiety about it! If that makes any sense

    When did you all start to notice any side effects during stims- or did you?? I am probably most worried about ovulation pains or cramps because I naturally ovulate on my own & it definitely burns when I'm close to ovulating & the follicles are growing the most. So far though, I haven't really noticed too much of anything... Although my husband said last night that he can tell my hormones are in full force haha Apparently I 'playfully' mentioned more than once that I was going to throw something at him if he said or did _____ one more time haha! I think that is probably more related to the giant shift from period hormones to suddenly ovulation prep hormones- my skin has already broken out like cRaZy-so hopefully my 'I will cut you' comments to my darling hubby will subside soon!

  9. OurEastAndWest

    cherry / 134 posts

    Okay, I take back my no symptoms yet ha- I am freaking *TIRED*! This is normally my super-motivated & focused time but I could seriously crawl up & go back to sleep already

  10. OurEastAndWest

    cherry / 134 posts

    This morning was my Stim day four blood work & I was honestly so surprised / border-line happy that I didn't also have to have *another* vaginal ultrasound ha that I almost skipped outta there! My E2 level was 573.7 today so I was told to continue on the same dosage of 375 Gonal F but was also told to now add on Cetrotide! (It will be injected in the morning beginning tomorrow but I was told today to do it whenever I got home from work) Umm, Cetrotide was a painful little sucker! YUCK! I was not prepared for that after the teeny needle of the Gonal F! My next appointment is on Saturday so I'm looking forward to actually SEEING what my ovaries have been up to with all their fluttering & {maybe??} getting a better idea of when the egg retrieval could be! I tried to find some info online about what my estradiol number means but I didn't want to Google TOO much because the internet can easily become a vast supply of things to freak out about ha. Does anyone have input on what that level means, whether good or bad, or what I should be looking for at my Saturday appointment?? I am just a sponge for any & all info on IVF right now so feel-free to share it all!!

  11. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3435 posts

    @OurEastAndWest: I didn't have any symptoms from anything during stims. But I've had no symptoms from the supposedly hellish Lupron depot menopause inducing 3 months treatment I did, so I think med wise, I'm pretty immune to most side effects. (Though I'm totally not immune to pregnancy side effects, it's totally kicking my ass).
    I think my E2 levels around day 5 were 500 something quite a few times and it lead to about 20-25 follicles for me. It seems like totally reason able level at this point. If you check my profile, I have a link to my blog, and there's a page that has the details for my E2 levels for all my cycles and stim dosages if you want to see what my experience was. But sounds like things are going well for your cycle!

  12. Memphis

    apple seed / 4 posts

    So I went in for the transfer. They couldn’t get to my uterus with the catheter. I was devastated. Ended up doing zift. Anyone else done that? It’s so painful

  13. yellowbeach

    apricot / 330 posts

    @Memphis: never even heard of it. Do tell.

  14. Memphis

    apple seed / 4 posts

    @yellowbeach: its when they do the FET into the tubes. Instead of doing it laparoscopic they did a laparotomy...so painful but supposedly the results are as good or better since the eggs chooses implantation site instead of the RE

  15. mrswin

    nectarine / 2333 posts

    @Memphis: Ouch! That sounds super painful but I guess better than not being able to do the transfer at all. Have they ever had a problem before getting through your cervix?

  16. mrswin

    nectarine / 2333 posts

    Sorry for ghosting the thread a few weeks ago ladies! I was all set to start another FET cycle in February but when I went for a check in Day 2 there was fluid in my lining and a monster estrogen producing cyst on my left ovary so my cycle got cancelled before it even started and I needed to wallow for a bit. I just started my period again (only 20 days after my last one) but fingers crossed we will be able to transfer our last frosty in a couple weeks

  17. Memphis

    apple seed / 4 posts

    @mrswin: you have no idea! Sorry to hear about the restart need for you. This is our first transfer. We banked for the past year gathering as many “good” eggs as we could get. The dreaded tww everyone talks about...I’m sure everyone thinks they can handle no big deal...but my gosh the impatience meter is off the charts! I am 7dpt of a 3 day embryo now so yep I did a test and it’s negative. But I know it’s too soon. After the surgery, I’m not sure I can do this again. Going through the cervix proved impossible because apparently I have a hard rt turn close to the uterus. So every time I transfer I have to do that surgery. So much for all the banking...

  18. SweetiePie

    GOLD / cantaloupe / 6617 posts

    @mrswin: ugh I’m sorry. I had that happen to me twice in a row last year - actually Jan and Feb! I had to trigger both months to try and get my body back to square one. I was delaying stims, not a transfer, but still, I fully know how disappointing that is!

  19. yellowbeach

    apricot / 330 posts

    Just wondering how everyone is doing? Anyone in a cycle this month? Anyone new to the group?

    We are going to try naturally for the next 3-6 months and then buckle down for round 2 of IVF. Carving out the time is hard - but I have to remind myself the retrieval is done, this will just be a FET.

  20. mrswin

    nectarine / 2333 posts

    @yellowbeach: Hi! I’m still here. I am doing an FET cycle this month...transfer is actually scheduled for tomorrow morning! This is our last frosty so if this doesn’t work we will have to do another cycle, which is 100 times harder than an FET but we are so ready to have another baby.
    Best of luck to you with your next cycle.


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