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IVF Thread #4

  1. MamaBear87

    pear / 1667 posts

    @yellowbeach: yay!!! Grow baby grow! All the fingers crossed for you

  2. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    @yellowbeach: beautiful embryo! Good luck!! I’m cheering for you!!!

  3. Miss Sarah

    persimmon / 1205 posts

    @yellowbeach: Beautiful! Sending you so much baby dust!

  4. foodiebee

    coffee bean / 27 posts

    @yellowbeach: Ahhh, I missed so much! Sending you all the baby dust! So glad transferring everything worked out okay too. Your picture was fascinating!

  5. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    Had my US this morning. I’m 5w5d and saw only 1 baby! We were also able to see the heartbeat. I’m still not convinced there isn’t another hiding behind there. They missed my twins with my first ultrasound last time!!

    Next scan 9/19! 🙏

  6. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pear / 1673 posts

    @MrstypeA: That is very exciting! I'm sure your eager for the next scan to confirm the head count.

  7. foodiebee

    coffee bean / 27 posts

    @MrstypeA: Yay! So glad the scan went well. You cracked me up with "another baby hiding in there."

    AFM, I have a possibly silly question. I watched a new documentary on Netflix recently about a couple's journey with IVF and infertility ("One More Shot") and I noticed that during retrievals, all the women wore long-sleeved shirts and knee-high socks. Are the socks necessary? I understand the shirt, as my dr's office is always chilly. My retrieval is planned for next week (u/s tomorrow!) and I don't own socks like that. I'm wondering now if my feet are going to freeze...

    @Sams Mom: When I saw that you'd posted in here I thought I'd missed a big announcement and frantically scrolled back to find it

  8. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    @foodiebee: I think it’s a superstition thing (and practical bc it’s freezing in those ORs) but I have been wearing socks for weeks now, it keeps the “uterus warm” I don’t know if it’s silly but even my acupuncturist said that it was a good idea and to wear a tight tank top under shirts to keep the “Hara” (belly) warm.

    That’s my understanding at least!

  9. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pear / 1673 posts

    @foodiebee: no I just creep hardcore on ivf, I've always been fascinated and I may someday adopt an embryo so I'll kind of go this route.

  10. foodiebee

    coffee bean / 27 posts

    @Sams Mom: Cool! One of the couples in that documentary I referenced above do embryo adoption, in case you're interested in watching.

    @MrstypeA: Interesting; thank you!

  11. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    Ladies I’m trying to decide when to POAS. Last transfer I tested at 7dp5dt and got my

    This time I was thinking I’d test at 6dp5dt which would be Saturday. I didn’t trend my trigger shot the whole way out, only til the morning of my transfer. There was still a very faint (not quite a squinter) line then.

    Am I asking for trouble if I bump it up a day to 5dp5dt? I’ll be using FRER.

  12. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pear / 1673 posts

    @yellowbeach: Camp Pee on ALL the Sticks! If it's anything more than a squinter on the same brand, I'd call it good

  13. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    @Sams Mom: hmm I was trending out with Wondfo. Guess I’ll test with both. The more sticks the better, right???

  14. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    @yellowbeach: I didn’t realize you had an HCG shot! Ugh I would wait if you didn’t test out as much as I am an early tester!

  15. foodiebee

    coffee bean / 27 posts

    @yellowbeach: Not sure this is helpful, but my RE said it's safe to assume the trigger is out of your system 14 days post-trigger. Not sure when that falls for you, but maybe it helps. I don't test because my luteal phase is 10-12 days, so I just wait for AF, and so far she always shows.

  16. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    @yellowbeach: where are you regarding testing tomorrow?

  17. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    @MrstypeA: I cheated and tested today.

  18. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    @yellowbeach: YESSSSS!!! was that 4dpt? CONGRATS!

  19. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    @MrstypeA: 5dp5dt Thank you!!!

  20. MrstypeA

    cherry / 123 posts

    @yellowbeach: so exciting!

  21. Mrs. Pajamas

    apricot / 483 posts

    Has anyone here donated or adopted embryos? The clinic we used for IVF is arguing with me about whether they want to accept our embryos (PGS tested!) and they sent me information on 2 other places but they are faith-based and I don't want to limit who adopts our embryos to a certain faith. Any ideas most welcome!

  22. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pear / 1673 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: No idea really, but I have been looking into adopting embryos if I don't end up pregnant soon. So I am following along to learn anything else I can.

  23. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: Sorry, no experience

  24. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    Ok, so out FET on 9/9 apparently wasn't a BFP - the tests were likely all invalid and/or evap lines because my serum HcG yesterday was negative.

    I'm just a little thrown off heading into a next FET and can't help but wonder why this one didn't stick. Our DD was a fresh transfer right after our ER in 2016, and they had given us only a 30% chance that she would stick. Now we are PGS tested, and they had told us a 70% chance of success, yet this last FET didn't work.

    I never did figure out if temping is valid during an IVF cycle if there are minimal meds or not (lots of meds would of course skew things), but I only bring it up because my chart looked great until I developed an almost fever (100.3) and started having myalgias. I blame the flight to and from Colorado and the germ exposure that comes with being on a plane.

    I guess I'm just trying to figure out if we had much better odds this time, where did things go wrong and is there something I can avoid this next cycle. I know the odds aren't 100%, but I want to maximize our chances.

    I'm headed to my RE at 1:30 today to discuss this next round and any potential protocol changes. Should I expect (or ask for) protocol changes, or was just doing a trigger shot the right thing for me, and maybe I just need to try that again? Any thoughts on questions to ask and things to consider are appreciated.

  25. Mrs. Pajamas

    apricot / 483 posts

    @yellowbeach: hugs mama I can so relate to the disappointment of failed FETs. I had 2 failed FETs trying to conceive DD2. They were not PGS-tested embryos, however (we tested our remaining frozen embryos after the second failed FET), so I can imagine why you are extra shocked. But PGS only screens for certain genetic issues and by no means is a sure thing. If everything (lining, E2, etc. looked good) I imagine there won't be a change in protocol. As my RE said, sometimes it's just bad luck. Not really helpful I know (I was so mad when she said that) but there really only is so much we can control with conception and pregnancy. You will get your sticky bean soon. You have several more good frozen embryos right? How lucky you are!

  26. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    @Mrs. Pajamas: You were exactly right - just got home from an US and appointment with my RE and he said exactly what you said - sometimes just bad luck. He reviewed the timing of everything and said it all looks right and doesn't want to change anything. I go back on 9/28 (CD13) for a lining check.

  27. Mrs Lavender

    grape / 96 posts

    Hi Ladies! Thought I'd join you. I’ve been posting on HB for about 3 years now, more than half of that under a different username… I can’t believe I’m here! TTC 2.5 years, 1 MC, a few IUIs/medicated cycles, and now IVF. We are beyond ready to have our first child and be a family of 3. I’ll be on BC until 9/30 and then will start clomid and follistim. I’m doing my clinics Mini Stim IVF - any other bees do something similar?

    @yellowbeach: So sorry. I agree with Mrs. PJs. Will you be waiting for AF then trying another transfer on your next cycle?

  28. foodiebee

    coffee bean / 27 posts

    @yellowbeach: I'm so sorry see this, but it sounds like you've had a productive meeting with your RE and have a gameplan moving forward. I'm so glad you have a few more emrbyos to try with!

    @Mrs Lavender: Welcome to the board!!

    AFM, I've been quiet this week bc I've mainly been scared. I started with 12 follicles. By last Monday I was down to 10. By last Wednesday I was down to 6. Those 6 have held on and continued to grow over the weekend, but for a while there I was terrified that every scan I went to was going to have fewer and fewer follicles until the entire thing just got canceled. It's been hell. I've gone for daily u/s and blood work (my poor arms are so over this) the past few days, and finally heard today that the retrieval will be this Friday. I feel simultenously defeated that I only have 6 and relieved that those 6 have held on. What a week.

  29. yellowbeach

    clementine / 833 posts

    @foodiebee: Gosh what a rollercoaster. The ER process is SO much more intensive than doing a FET by like 30x. I remember maybe having 2 days in 3-4 weeks where I didn't have something IVF related to do (lab draw, US, appointment, etc). It's very depressing to see the numbers drop at each stage - no matter what those numbers are. You always seem to want more of course... as many Bees on this board once told me - it only takes 1! But here's to hoping you have as many as possible. Will your SO be able to join you on Friday for retrieval?

    @Mrs Lavender: I don't think what we did for our ER was a mini-stim, but can't be certain. ANy reason you switched usernames?

  30. Mrs Lavender

    grape / 96 posts

    @foodiebee: Hey girl! How stressful. I read so many stories online and it's so true, it only takes one. Crossing my fingers you'll have a positive outcome. 6 is still great number! Hang in there and I'll be thinking about you on Friday.

    @yellowbeach: I had to step away from HB for a while and deleted my account. I don't have any children and at times I felt like I couldn't relate to most threads. Reading about everyone's families was starting to get difficult.


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