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IVF Thread #4

  1. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1400 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: Glad you have a transfer plan for March. I agree with the other ladies - some of this definitely is just a roll of the dice. I feel like since we got lucky and had DD on try #1 we were statistically due for some transfer failures.

    AFM, in Greece still. I’m CD13 and not doing anything this cycle since we did the hysteroscopy 2 weeks ago. AF should come around Feb 20/21 which will be CD1 for another retrieval. I’m ordering my meds when I get back in a few days. 🤞

  2. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 176 posts

    @yellowbeach: Hope Greece is all you thought it would be and more!

    I had my saline sono done this morning. My uterus is looking good and all clear. We talked about my protocol a little. I'm thinking about switching from taking my Estrace orally to vaginally. This also means I won't have to take Lupron! I've done some research on this protocol and I'm pretty convinced I'm going to try it. I have to let my doctor know this week what I want to do. Then I'll get my official calendar. Keep you all posted...

  3. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 176 posts

    I may have to post this as a thread... However, does anyone know what is preventing you from ovulating if you are on an Estrace only FET protocol with no Lupron? From the time AF starts, how many days were you on Estrace before transfer? What kind of Estrace were you on - oral, vaginally, patches?

  4. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1400 posts

    Just got off the phone with the Pharmacy to order my meds for this retrieval. They are coming tomorrow by FedEx overnight. The kicker - 100% covered by insurance - not even a copay! My same insurance made us pay for the PIO for our last two medicated FETs. Wow, right??? Last retrieval with the same insurance I think we paid ~$1800 for meds as our policy wasn't covering IVF yet then.

  5. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 176 posts

    @yellowbeach: Ooo that’s amazing! I’m super jealous. lol 😆 Maybe I’ll get lucky when I order mine this time around. 🤞

  6. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1400 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: Realized they forgot to sent the trigger shot though, so called again today and that's coming later this week.

  7. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 176 posts

    This thread is too quiet.

    I took my last BC pill last night. Baseline on Thursday for FET #2!

    @yellowbeach: How's it going? Any new updates?

  8. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1400 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: excited to hear you are gearing up for FET#2. I agree the thread is way too quiet.

    AFM, I’ll be 10DPO for this regular cycle tomorrow. DH and I were NT/NP this month but got a BFN this morning. AF should come in 3/5 days which will let us start this 2nd retrieval. 🤞🌈

  9. foodiebee

    cherry / 247 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: Exciting! Any idea when you might have your next transfer?

    @yellowbeach: Fingers super crossed for you!

  10. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 176 posts

    @yellowbeach: Sorry for the bfn but glad you can start up with another retrieval. That's exciting! Do you know your protocol yet?

    @foodiebee: Thanks girl! Transfer is planned for March 15th.


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