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IVF Thread #4

  1. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1292 posts

    Well here I am again - officially PUPO until Jan 15 when I plan to POAS. Transferred a single PGS normal embryo. Stick baby stick. Beta on 1/17.

  2. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 158 posts

    @foodiebee: Thanks girl!

    @yellowbeach: Beautiful. All the positive vibes!

  3. Amorini

    persimmon / 1123 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: @yellowbeach:

  4. meadow

    clementine / 951 posts

    @yellowbeach: what a beautiful embryo!!

  5. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1292 posts

    Ok experienced IVF ladies...
    If this FET#4 doesn’t work, I’ll statistically be in like the 1.4% that don’t get pregnant with PGS normal embryos. We still have two left, but before I burn though those, I’m wondering if I should get a second opinion or something. I love our RE, he gave us DD after all, but I’m at wits end with why these frozen transfers aren’t working. What other variables are there? I’m “recurrent implantation failure” despite responding exactly as expected to meds and having beautiful PGS normal embryos. Variables that have changed from fresh cycle to these last 4 frozen cycles:
    - fresh vs frozen
    - different embryology lab
    - I’m 2 yrs older

    Thoughts? Ideas? Hypotheses? 🧠💡💥

    ETA: sorry to sound pessimistic since I’m only 1dp5dt but I’ve found that what’s happened is I get a negative and then we just naturally roll into the same routine for the next transfer without time to step back and really evaluate. Trying to do some of that now and just be prepared.

  6. Mrs. Pajamas

    kiwi / 518 posts

    @yellowbeach: oof I really feel your pain mama....I was in your same place when we were trying for DD2 (18 months now!!). We were about to move across the country and we had just survived 2 BFNs with PGS-tested embryos. Still had 5 left in the freezer. Honestly, my plan B was to just keep trying. I looked into REs in our new state (CA) and talked to our DC-based RE about how to transfer embryos across the country. I think that's all you can do. Just keep trying. I guess it can't hurt to get a second opinion, but if all your stats (E2, P4, lining, etc.) look good there's just something that is not clicking. So I don't have any brilliant ideas, just some commiseration and support. You got this!

  7. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3573 posts

    @yellowbeach: i would look into endometrial biopsy tests, even though you've have a successful pregnancy, maybe something has changed. There's ERA to see if you need a day or two more or less of progesterone. Yale EFT, etegrity, there are others i can't think of right now, that check the lining on a more cellular level to make sure it's capable of implantation and sustaining the embryo. There's alot more to the lining than if it's thin enough. I've read of many success stories, mine included, where the tests showed abnormal results, and a course of lupron depot is done to treat it, and the following fet is successful.

  8. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 158 posts

    @yellowbeach: I was also going to suggest an ERA.

    This Beat Infertility podcast is very informative. An ERA biopsy is also mentioned in the podcast. https://beatinfertility.co/why-pgs-normal-embryos-fail/

  9. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 158 posts

    Transfer went smooth yesterday! We transferred a PGS normal 5BC embryo. Beta isn’t until January 24th, I’m not sure when I’ll POAS. Starting to analyze every feel...

  10. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1292 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: wow look 👀 at that beautiful embie! 🥚🍀✨ I’ve already been tempted to test this morning but ran to the bathroom and starting peeing as fast as possible so I couldn’t change my mind. Lol 😂

  11. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 158 posts

    @yellowbeach: lol! Noo, it's way too early girl! I found a unopened pack of cheapies yesterday... so tempting to just go crazy.

  12. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1292 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: I may have bought two packs of FRER at Target 🎯 today 😬

  13. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 158 posts

    @yellowbeach: Crossing my fingers that will be the last box you’ll have to buy! Stick baby!🤞


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