I went to exchange a couple of gifts K will not get around to wearing before she outgrows them and among some clothes, I also picked up a pair of these gold leather sandals.


They are so cute and I bought them in a size 5 hoping they'll fit when she has been walking for a bit. Season is not a factor for us.

But since it's actually real leather, it seems a little stiff (rubber sole though). I'm wondering if this style and J&J sandals are comfortable enough for LOs to wear? They also had a pair of 6 and 8, so maybe I should size up even more and wait until she is a better walker? I don't mind saving good quality items like this and I know I'll still like the style. But if they're too uncomfortable, I don't want to waste almost $40 on them (even on sale, the SA called them "a splurge"). Anyone have experience with Janie & Jack sandals and shoes?

Keep or Exchange?