So, my 10m DD has recently started walking (ahhh). 99% of the time we have her walking either barefoot or in grippy socks, especially as she's learning foot/ankle control. However, when we're not at home, I think I'd like her to have *something* on her feet other than socks (which she likes to pull off and suck on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

So, first question: how do I do sizing?! Does sizing vary for baby shoes depending on brand? We ordered her 11cm sandals for Easter (from Amazon for like $3) that fit her pretty well, but who knows for how long? We bought them knowing they'd likely be a 1-time wear.

Second Question: Are there any (affordable) brands that I should totally stock up on? We are on one income right now, so I can't afford to spend $40 on like, stride right shoes that will fit her for all of 10 minutes. I'd LOVE to find a $15-20 shoe that could last her for a few months, but that's probably a pipe dream (she just grows so stinkin' fast!)

Third Question: hard soles? soft soles? I've read different things and I'm terribly confused.

Thank you ahead of time!

ETA: we're also in the Northeast US, so our weather is straight unpredictable like 98% of the time. It snowed on Friday, was 50* out yesterday, and was 29* this morning.