LO is in the early stages of beginning to walk on her own without holding on. She goes about 3-5 feet right now when she's comfortable. We let her go barefoot at home, but when we take her out to play it would be nice to have something covering her feet. Took her to stride rite to get sized and picked up a pair while we were there. She HATES having shoes on her feet right now. And her toes still curl a little and fat on top, so they don't look too comfortable on her. I've been thinking about skidders but I can't find any good reviews on them, specifically if they are any good for toddlers who just beginning to walk. I've seen them in stores and it looks like the soles would give lots of traction which seems like a good or bad thing depending.

Does anyone have any experience with them? Is it the right time to let her try them or have we passed that stage where they are beneficial? Should we just leave them alone and let her deal with the real baby shoes, which BTW are soooo expensive!!