I am on a mission to revamp your entry into the house from the garage. We actually have a proper mud room off the back deck entrance, but as a family we never enter that way, we come through the garage into the basement. There is plenty of space to work with but it’s not set up great right now at all. We will eventually redo the whole basement and maybe do nice built in stuff but for now, I just want a few extra organizational things to make it easier to get in and out with two kids.

Right now I know I want a bench big enough at least for both kids to sit and take off or put on their shoes at once, kid height hooks so the kids can hang their own coats, separate cubbies/ bins/ drawers for each person to store their gloves and hats and whatever, and someplace to hang dry wet or snowy gear.

What are things you love or hate as you enter a house? I want to set it up to be as easy as possible to come in and out!