K's room is small and right next the fan/heater. If we turn on the heater (or A/C) it gets immediately too hot or too cold. Even though I close down the vents as much as I can.

Now the temps are dropping at night, if I turn on the heater even just ONE degree higher than what the thermostat reads the house at, her room temp jumps up 8 degrees!

Anyone else deal with an issue like this? Last year we had space heaters in the living room and our room, but now she likes to get into things and play with knobs/buttons, I feel like they're dangerous to leave out.

I feel like my options are :

1. Leave her room door open (after we go to sleep, so it's dark and quiet, because she's a very light sleeper).


2. Tape something over her vent? But her room also gets really cold without the heat on at night.