Any HR/recruiter/job seeker insight appreciated! I’ve been applying and interviewing for jobs in my home state for a few months now. I’ve had quite a few interviews- phone, video, once in person - but zero job offers. I feel like I’m not being taken seriously as a candidate, but perhaps I’m filling some quota for an internal hiring process.

I feel confident with my job skills and my interview skills. I’m trying to understand why this keeps happening. Am I not on equal footing because I’m not there in person? Do I seem desperate? Gender bias? Bad luck?

In any case, I have yet another video interview tomorrow. How can I get these interviewers to take me seriously? I’m enthusiastic about the position, I’ll offer to meet them in person, but I’m honest that I need 3-4 weeks before I can start. I really want this one but I’m feeling defeated already.