Hi all. Looking for some nanny advice and would love to hear from those of you who have nannies or are nannies. I nanny for my SIL. Her husband is a teacher so i work school hours and just the school calendar. Last year I watched my nephew from the age of 5 months to 14 months. My youngest was in preschool for 4 mornings 4 days a week so she was with me while i watched him when she was not in school. I was able to bring him along anywhere i went from school drop offs and pick ups to food shopping and classroom volunteering. They paid me but not what a nanny would cost in our area which i was fine with since i had my daughter with me and i had so much flexibility. As to duties beyond basic care i made his breakfast and lunch, bottles, did his laundry, cleaned up after him and did some basic shopping for him (grabbed things I'd think he'd eat and supplies for seasonal crafts.) My SIL is due in two weeks so come November when her maternity leave ends they'd like me to watch my nephew who will be 19 months and the new baby who will be 3 months old. All my kids will be in school full time as my youngest heads off to kindergarten. I feel like a significant jump in pay is warrented. I'll now be watching a toddler and an infant and i can't imagine having the flexibity i had last year. What do you think is a resonable salary and what duties do you expect a nanny to do? Pay hourly or salary? Pay for gas? On the books or off the books? Do you provide food for the nanny? Paid vacation? Any advice would be great. I don't want to undervalue myself nor do i want my SIL to feel like I'm being unresonable. Thanks.