If you only needed three days of childcare, but literally couldn’t find anything part-time and licensed, would you shell out for full-time care?

For a full-time position at a locally-owned daycare center, I am next in line (one person above me on the list has 24 hours to consider before it goes to me). The cost is way more than I budgeted to spend, on account of being full time. I feel like I will be a nervous wreck trying to work my ass off just to pay for daycare.

However, using a part-time nanny hasn’t been working well since my husband and I work at home.

I am so torn. I think I will be stressed out by both options.

I guess this is mostly venting. I’m pretty sure I would accept the position and hope for the best until my daughter is old enough to switch to a part-time program. I just wish we had the options I actually need.