I am terrible at negotiating and always undervalue myself. I am a highly specialized physical therapist (doctorate and several specialized certifications that not many people have) and just got approached by another hospital about a job. They want me to start a new program and have administrative duties that include getting this new program off the ground, being involved with hiring additional staff and managing day to day workflow. They have sent me all of the benefits and they are comparable to my current benefits. I am planning on asking for a large increase (about 20%, though they don’t know my current salary, and possibly more vacation time) and am wondering if anyone has any tips on handeling negotiations? I am specifically worried because I feel “bad” that I’m asking for so much even though it’s an appropriate amount. I don’t need this job and it would involve moving DS to a new daycare, but I think the challenge sounds exciting and I wouldn’t say no to a raise even though it’ll be more work. Anyway, thank for reading my rambles and if you have any tips or just good luck vibes, I’d appreciate it!