Are there any Maine Bee's out there?

My husband and I lived in Portland from 2011-2014 while he was in grad school, and we may be trying to move back. Now we have a baby - so the tiny apartment we lived in in the West End and the style of living we experienced doesn't really apply any longer!

I'm looking for information regarding child care, approx. prices, good daycares or nannies, etc.

Additionally, where do you recommend we look to move? I loved living in the West End, the old houses, the neighborhood feel, and mostly the walkability to everything on the peninsula. Alas, we will never afford the buy a house there
We are looking for a neighborhood that has walkability to local restaurants, parks, etc.
And we love the Portland area, but are open to moving further south.

Thanks for any input about moving back, specifically as a family with a young child!