Excuse my long winded post. I have a dilemma.

I currently live in one town (Plantation) and work about 20 minutes away in another (Hollywood).

When I chose my doctor, I was in a rush but knew I wanted one near work so that it would be easier to get away for doctors appointments without anyone noticing. My doctors office is about 5 minutes from work and has been working out great. I don't love the doctor - Just don't really connect with him, but I love his staff and the Perinatologist that he uses.

We just sold our condo and will be moving in 2 weeks to Boca Raton - which is about 45 minutes during traffic to my doctor/hospital. I am still working in Hollywood where my doctor is, so doctors appointments are still convenient. I'm just worried though about going into labor at my new home.

Should I switch DR's?
If so, should I do it now or later?

Hollywood - Pro's
Already familiar with my history
Great Hospital with Private Suites
Nice Staff
Close to work
Joe Dimaggio NICU attached

Hollywood - Con's
Don't love doctor
Potential 45 minute drive while in labor

Boca Raton - Pro's
Close to home for when I go into labor
Maybe find a doctor I click with

Boca Raton - Con's
Unfamiliar with my history
Far from work for routine appointments
Shared rooms in hospital

Have any of you switched doctors? Is 45 minutes too far to be driven while in labor?