So DH is currently looking at transferring to his company's office in NYC, which would move us cross country sometime this summer. We both agree we have no desire to live in the boroughs (he's lived in both Harlem and Brooklyn before and got his fill), but we have no idea where to live! ETA: never mind, I lied, if you have a good rec for a good place in the boroughs, let me know...apparently DH doesn't want to buy but wouldn't mind renting there, also "what about Long Island?" I mean, clearly we know zip. 😂

Some details: I'm a SAHM, we have two DD's (3yo and 1 month). DD1 is currently in a co op preschool, and I'd like her to continue next year (can be co-op type or whatever, but we probably can't afford private preschool on the East Coast). DH will be commuting in and out of the city, so ideally we'd like to live about an hour away (his current commute ranges between 45min to 90min each way, depending on how bad traffic is). He will need good mass transit options (train, etc.). We will need to rent for a few years before we can afford to buy. Looking for at least 3 bedrooms, preferably a house or townhouse at least.

I'll be honest, we don't even know where to look, other than "somewhere maybe in NY, CT, or NJ", right? Somewhere family friendly, with good schools and lots of opportunities for our kids (soccer, dance, gymnastics, etc), maybe a cute village/town area, pretty outdoor scenery...My only experience with east coast living is Gilmore Girls, so if you can tell me where Stars Hollow is I'm there.

We currently live in the Seattle area, so we do know what high COL looks like. In the minimal research I've done, I really liked the Westchester area in NY but holy bananas, rentals are way too expensive there.

So, bees, where to live? Am I missing a state? Tell me all about it! Any help is appreciated.