Hello! Here's my situation: DH and I live about 40 minutes outside of town. We love our home and are very comfortable in it, physically and financially. We live in a good school district though very large and crowded. We have a 14 week old son and a dog and always talked about moving closer in to a particular neighborhood we love, cutting our commute, being closer to restaurants we frequent, and closer to dear friends (no family in state).

An opportunity has come up to move across the street from our friends! It's in our preferred neighborhood and the house is a great size for us. It would cut my commute from 40-60 minutes both ways to 15 minutes. The downside is that the house needs work. It hasn't been maintained, appliances and big-ticket items are all older, and the yard is a big commitment to keep up. Financially it's a step up from where we are now but nothing we can't do. The basement is unfinished and a bit scary tbh (laundry is down there).

There's added value to be had in fixing it up and finishing the basement. It's in a fantastic neighborhood that holds value. We'd get our investment back. We'd live across the street from friends. We'd be in the best school district in the city.

And yet...I'm hesitating. Part of me relishes the idea of getting into this neighborhood at a deal and being near friends and the other part cringes at the idea of having to pack all my crap up with an infant. Longterm, this is where I want my son to go to school. But I also know that a house I truly love might pop up between now and the years we have before he goes to school. I might pay a good bit more for it though than this one.

What would you do? Anyone else have to make a moving decision they were flip-flopping on? I go back and forth and am wishing for clarity!

ETA Our current neighborhood's real estate is "on fire" and we could probably sell for a good profit pretty quickly! Might be a bubble...