Like many people, I went to college in a larger place than my hometown and kind of just stayed there. DH is still doing school and there are lots of nice high paying jobs.

However, I have kids now. And the schools aren't great. And there isn't much diversity. And there's terrible air pollution certain times of year.

So I naturally thought about moving back home to be by family and good schools. But nowadays the west coast has terrible pollution the whole month of August from forest fires and my hometown... isn't very diverse. But the biggest kicker is that there aren't ANY jobs in my line of work. I've been watching listings for a year.

So if I moved back home, I'd need to be mostly remote with some travel, or I'd need to be a SAHM (which I've kind of thought about doing), but I'd have my parents nearby to chip in as needed and they'd have better relationships with the grandkids).

I'm just having a terrible time weighing all the things that factor in to where you live.

How did you decide where to live? Are you planning on moving?