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  1. Spinny

    cherry / 106 posts

    @EmmaNZ: Congrats! I will be almost 8 weeks at that appointment and they will do an ultrasound. It's crazy how different this is after a loss, I'm afraid to be excited and so scared of a loss. I'm trying to keep calm and remind myself that what will be will be.

    @LBarn: Congrats! My DS will be 3 in a couple of weeks and there is no rest with him around! We were in the throes of potty training when I found out, and there were a lot of tears (mine)!

    @Aria: Thank you! Congrats to you too!

    @lavender: Congrats! I'm so nervous about doing the newborn thing again too. I just remember it like living in a fog lol.

  2. LBarn

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @Spinny: i know I’ve been warned about the threenager stage but I’m finding this age really difficult. Good luck with potty training!

  3. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 632 posts

    Yay so many new mamas!!!

    @lavender: happy to have someone else who will have two older kids! I didn’t want such a big age gap, but you know, life lol. I’m feeling like maybe the baby will feel left out because the other two are older and closer together!

  4. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 632 posts

    Who has everyone told? I haven’t told anyone except one friend who knew we were trying. Am kind of afraid to tell my family because I’m pretty sure the comments will be “are you effing crazy?” As opposed to “congratulations” but I know they will come around eventually.

  5. Aria

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: Only my husband knows so far. Assuming everything goes well at the appointment, we’ll tell our daughter that day. She’s been very concerned about me being sick, so it will be good to give her an explanation. We’re flying out to visit my parents a couple days after the appointment and I’m excited to tell them in person. I think they’ve given up hope that I will ever have another child so they will be surprised but super excited.

    I hope your family surprises you and is happy for you! My in laws had some crappy reactions last time, both when we told them I was pregnant and then when we told them it was a girl, so I get how much it stinks. I’m just going to let my husband tell them over the phone this time so I don’t have to hear it.

  6. lavender

    grapefruit / 4544 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I know, my girls will be 5 & 7 when this baby is born.

    Beta levels came back jumped from 400 (on Friday) to 4500 (yesterday)!
    We told my friend (who has given us her baby gear- since I gave all my stuff away, because I was firm on 2 kids 🤷‍♀️). And my in-laws. I know my side of the family’s reaction is in the “are yo crazy?!?) camp but oh well. We will tell them after the ultrasound.

  7. EmmaNZ

    olive / 61 posts

    Hi ladies... here is a list of us so far

    Aria - due 5 March - 2nd baby
    Dcyogabee - due 6 March- DD3
    EBSC - due 7 March - DS2
    Fuzzypeaches - due 9 March - DS5 DD3
    Lavender - due 12 March- DD 6 and 4
    Spinny - due 13 March - DS3
    Lbarn - due 14 March - DD3
    Queen of hearts - due 19 March- 1st baby
    Emmanz - due 19 March - DD3

    Exciting! There are a few of us!

  8. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4760 posts

    Wow, welcome everyone! Our little board exploded overnight!

    Today, the RE said she was only hoping to see a sac and maybe a fetal pole at 6w1d. She said it’s unlikely we’d see a heartbeat or an actual baby and that’s perfectly okay. As soon as they start the ultrasound my DH goes “there’s the grain of rice!!! There’s the heartbeat!” The doctors had looks of pure joy on their face. After a long drawn out process last time of ultrasound after ultrasound with litte to no progress and then an ultimate miscarriage this was a welcome relief this time.

    Then the RE said she would be perfectly fine with a very low heartbeat as it likely started beating yesterday. She said 90-110 is an average range for 6-9 weeks. How about 112!! Hello baby! I’m being discharged to my midwife and the midwife does a dating ultrasound as your first appointment and they said I could actually have the RE do it since they’re closer. So, that’s 7/24 at 8 weeks.

    We also closed on our new house yesterday and moved in today AND I had an awesome interview this afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Hello baby!

  9. LBarn

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @dc yoga bee: that’s so great that you heard a heartbeat! Seems like you have a lot of wonderful things going on right now, congrats!!

  10. Spinny

    cherry / 106 posts

    @dc yoga bee: Great news! You must be so relieved!

  11. Aria

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @dc yoga bee: Wonderful news! Good luck with the job!

  12. elm5066

    coffee bean / 25 posts

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be joining this board!

    Location: North Carolina
    EDD: 3/24/19
    First child? 2nd, i have a 2 yr old girl
    Symptoms? Nausea and so tired!
    Thoughts/feelings/fears? So excited but so anxious for my first appointment which isn't until 8/7...can't wait to see this baby.

  13. LBarn

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @elm5066: congrats and welcome!

  14. lavender

    grapefruit / 4544 posts

    @dc yoga bee: so happy for you!

    @elm5066: welcome!

  15. lavender

    grapefruit / 4544 posts

    How is everyone doing so far? 6 weeks today and I feel nauseous all morning long until lunch time usually. For my prior two pregnancies I was never this sick so early. It's so hard for me to do my job when I feel like I want to throw up all morning long!

    Other news, my dating ultrasound has been scheduled for Friday Aug 3rd. Can't wait. Love how my husband "might" be around for that, barring he isn't too busy at work. #thirdchildprobelms

  16. LBarn

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @lavender: sorry about the neasuea, that sounds awful!

    I’m 5w5d and don’t really have symptoms besides sore boobs. I didn’t have symptoms with my first either but I can’t help but worry a bit...

    Since my doctor can’t see me until I’m 10 weeks, I’m considering going to a boutique ultrasound place near me at 8 weeks and checking for a heartbeat for $50. Ladies, is this crazy? My DH thinks so...

  17. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4760 posts

    @LBarn: would it be vaginal? I’d probably wait since it’s not one at the doctor’s or hospital.

    @elm5066: welcome!

    I went to urgent care yesterday because I couldn’t breathe. I’m asthmatic and the air quality was really bad. They gave me a breathing treatment but I couldn’t put the mouth piece in my mouth without throwing up. #hyperemesisproblems

    I had another interview today and this job knows I’m pregnant. It’s through a referral of a friend. It was really nice that it’s already out there. I think it went well.

  18. MilPA

    coffee bean / 42 posts

    I’m hopping in, 7 positive tests can’t be wrong!
    Location: Idaho
    EDD: 26 March
    First child? 2nd, my son will be 6 next month
    Symptoms? Not yet...
    I had an early miscarriage in April so I’m still slightly nervous but this is going much better already. Also the age gap of course. Otherwise absolutely and completely thrilled!

  19. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4760 posts

    @MilPA: Welcome. So sorry about your miscarriage. I had one in April too so I totally get the nervousness game. But it does feel good when it just *feels* better. Hoping for rainbow baby! My brother and I are 6 years apart and are super close. He walked me down the aisle with my dad!

  20. Aria

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @elm5066: @MilPA: Congrats!

    You guys I am so miserable. I am having the worst insomnia. It is 3 am and I’m wide awake. On top of that I am ravenously hungry all day. Nothing I eat stops the hunger for more than an hour. But I have horrible food aversion so eating is like torture. If I don’t eat I just get hungrier and hungrier until I’m in pain and extremely nauseous. If I do manage to fall asleep I wake up a million times, usually because I’m hungry. I just need a break from being hungry.

  21. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4760 posts

    @Aria: are you eating protein? My doctors have told me to pretty much cut carbs as much as possible and stick to protein and to eat a protein snack every two hours without fail.

  22. LBarn

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @dc yoga bee: good question about the ultrasound being vaginal, I’ll give the place a call. DH is actually on board now and we were thinking of going at 8 weeks on our 5 year anniversary.

    @MILPA: congrats and welcome! My sister and I are also 6 years apart and very close!

  23. MilPA

    coffee bean / 42 posts

    @dc yoga bee: @lbarn: ah, thanks for the reassurance on the age gap! I’m excited to see him as a big brother!

  24. lavender

    grapefruit / 4544 posts

    @MilPA: welcome! When #3 is born, there will be a 7 yr gap

  25. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 632 posts

    @elm5066: @MilPA: welcome ladies!

    Anyone else have scans to share?! Mine isn’t until July 30 (8w2d hopefully)

  26. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4760 posts

    @MilPA: totally. It’s not a “thing” when it’s all you know. We are six years apart. It’s a just a fact not a bad or good thing. We happen to also be very close!

  27. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    Hopping over here since I got my second set of betas back
    Location: Texas
    EDD: 27 March
    First child? 4th, but 3rd at home. My first son passed away when he was about 6 weeks old, and I have a 3.5 year old daughter and 20 month old son
    Symptoms? Nothing yet, but I never get many symptoms aside from being tired
    I had an early miscarriage last month, so that has me on edge. I know far too much about pregnancy and infant loss, so it all freaks me out, especially this early time. I do enjoy pregnancy, and usually settle down a bit in a few more weeks

  28. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4760 posts

    @LAZB: I was waiting for you to pop over!

  29. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    @dc yoga bee:

  30. elm5066

    coffee bean / 25 posts

    @LAZB: sending good vibes your way for this pregnancy!

  31. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    @elm5066: thank you! You too!

  32. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    My doctor is having me come in next week at 5+1 (super early I know, don’t know if it’s standard at my RE?). I know I won’t see much, but anyone have an ultrasound that early? What should I see?

  33. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4386 posts

    @LAZB: thread crashing to say I think just a sac in the uterus - even at 6w that’s what they told me they would be happy with. I was 6w exactly that time and we got lucky and saw the fetal pole and hb - they said it had probably just started.

  34. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    @bhbee: thanks! That’s kind of what I thought, here’s hoping to see a good sac lol

  35. Aria

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    I just had my first appointment today and not sure how I’m feeling. There was a baby, and a heartbeat, but the baby was super super faint on the ultrasound which seemed to have the OB a little confused. She said everything else looked ok and the size and heart rate were fine. I’m just not sure what to make of the fact we could barely see anything. I go back for another ultrasound in two weeks.

  36. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 632 posts

    @Aria: was baby maybe posterior? I’ve had that happen with my first babe but to be fair I ended up blaming it on the us texh being new! (All was fine ultimately)

    Was she doing a proper us? Or one of the handheld office ones?

    If size and heartbeat are fine it sounds reassuring! Crossing my fingers for you.

  37. Aria

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: It was a proper TV ultrasound. The doctor said that maybe the baby was just too far back to see properly, but she just seemed a little confused by it, which has made me confused. It’s very reassuring to hear that this has happened to someone else though.

    Added a pic... you can clearly see the yolk sac, and they picked up a heartbeat but you can barely see the baby.

  38. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    @Aria: sorry the ultrasound wasn’t more comforting. I’ve never had this issue, but a heartbeat is always good!

  39. MilPA

    coffee bean / 42 posts

    I feel like I’m symptom spotting just as bad as before I got the positives! Are my boobs sore the way they should be? Am I tired? Am I nauseous? Maybe I’ll feel better once I can see an ultrasound...argh!

  40. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3196 posts

    @MilPA: I pretty much never have symptoms with pregnancy aside from being tired for the most part. My first pregnancy it made me nervous, but now I know it’s typical for me.

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