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  1. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    I do hope my pregnancy boobs come back. They are so deflated, I’d love for them to perk up lol.

  2. MilPA

    coffee bean / 37 posts

    @LAZB: ha so true, I just need to relax!

  3. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    @MilPA: oh, I’m not relaxed lol. I’m a total poas nutcase, I just don’t obsess about symptoms

  4. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    @Aria: If they heard the heartbeat that is a very good sign. It sounds like baby was hiding? Do you have a tilted uterus? I do so they always scan the whole thing in one full swoop and then tilt the device to find baby.

  5. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 591 posts

    SO I just started crying inside if of pier 1 because my kids weren’t listening 😩 really hoping I can blame that whole 20 min meltdown on pregnancy otherwise I’m starting to lose it lol

  6. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    Making dinner, and check out the first mushroom I pull out. Between this and the double yolked egg I cracked for breakfast yesterday, I wonder if the universe is telling me something 😂

  7. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 591 posts

    @LAZB: you never know!!!

  8. EBSC

    cherry / 167 posts

    So many new friends while I hid away in nausea-land. Yay!

    Have any of you started telling anyone?

    My first appt isn’t until 10wks, I’m now 7w2, and am itching to tell my mom...

  9. lavender

    grapefruit / 4542 posts

    So we are at Sesame place with the kids and I realize I shouldn’t go on half the rides I did yesterday because I’m pregnant. What are you thoughts? Keep on going or be a little more cautious? Stinks because my girls need someone to ride the rides with them.

    On another note- my younger has threw up 3 times in the last 4 days- and now on vacation along with a 5 hour drive has carried a throw up bucket.

  10. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    @lavender: We have tickets to Hershey Park that I don’t know if we will be able to use now.

    @EBSC: our families knew about the miscarriage and we told them about this pregnancy the same weekend since it happened right after and we wanted the support. Plus, I have hyperemesis so it would be extremely hard to hide with my mom being our nanny and all!

  11. lavender

    grapefruit / 4542 posts

    @dc yoga bee: I went on two tame rides today.

    @EBSC: we told my husbands parents and a friend of mine (I’m taking all her baby hand me downs). I have my dating ultrasound next Friday and plan to tell my family next weekend.

  12. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    @EBSC: I’ve actually told quite a few people LOL, including our usual waiter at the Mexican place we go to every Friday night because I didn’t order my usually margarita so he guessed 🤣 I’ve always been a pretty early sharer, if I see a friend, I will probably tell them

  13. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    @dc yoga bee: so much good news! Wonderful heart rate. Such a welcome sight.

  14. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    @Aria: well if the ob was happy with the size and the heart rate that's good news..... hang in there. Waiting is so hard.

  15. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    I've been quiet lately... just hanging out in early pregnancy hoping and hoping that everything works out. I had a first appt today with a scan. There was the beginnings of a fetal pole, and the start of a heartbeat, although slow. I measured 5 + 5 which is super early. I thought I was exactly 6 weeks today.
    I go back in 2 weeks to see how things are progressing.
    I thought I would feel relieved after this appt but I'm still anxious and worried.
    I think this pregnancy is going to be a marathon!!!
    Please grow well and be healthy tiny baby!

  16. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    I've only shared the news with my husband.
    With my last pregnancy we told friends and family at 8 weeks when we saw a strong heart beat. But then we found out later that the baby had trisomy 18. So 'untelling' people was brutal and painful.
    I am now overly cautious.
    With this pregnancy I will wait as long as possible. Definitely after first trimester screening at 12 weeks and if can hide it probably until anatomy screening at 20 weeks.

  17. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    So it's nice to be able to share here !!!!

  18. MilPA

    coffee bean / 37 posts

    @EmmaNZ: same here! I go back and forth from wanting to tell everyone I see to not wanting to share with everyone if something does go wrong. So I’ve kept quiet too, thankfully I wear a uniform everyday that can hide things well!

  19. Spinny

    cherry / 105 posts

    @EmmaNZ: Same here. It's hard to be excited when you know how things can change. I had an early scan this morning and things looked good, although baby measured 5 days later than expected.
    I'm not planning on telling anyone until the first trimester ends, and even then, only immediate family.

  20. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    I graduated from the RE yesterday!! They moved my due date up by one day to March 5. Baby had a heartbeat of 171! So now 8w1d and my first midwife apt is Tuesday. The RE said to stop taking progesterone yesterday at 8weeks. I’m pretty nervous because it seems most people take it through first trimester. They also switched me to the new drug Bonjesta to take with zofran and drop zofran. It hasn’t been tested on hyperemesis yet, which I found odd since hyperemesis is the extreme morning sickness but I’m willing to try it!

  21. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    @dc yoga bee: yay! Congratulations! I have my first appointment with the re tomorrow, I don’t know how long she will keep me. I hope the new meds will work well! As far as progesterone goes, I have always been told to take it to 10 weeks. Do you have any left? If so, it couldn’t hurt to take it, but if not, I’m sure your doc knows best

  22. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    @LAZB: I just refilled it actually so I have about a month supply left. It’s 40 pills in a prescription I think. Good luck tomorrow! My RE keeps you until 8 weeks as long as she sees a heartbeat and if not then 10 weeks while they wait for it to become more visible.

  23. LBarn

    coffee bean / 48 posts

    I broke out in hives all over my body last night for the first time in my life and apparently that’s a rare pregnancy symptom (according to the internet). It’s improved thanks to Benadryl but I really hope it doesn’t happen again. So weird! Other than that, I barely have any symptoms besides sore boobs.

    How is everyone else doing?

  24. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 591 posts

    Ugh just had some pink spotting 😕 I’m 7w5d which is around the time I had spotting in my 3rd pregnancy and that ended up in a loss at 9.5 weeks and now I’m all negative about it. If this is a loss too it will be my third this calendar year and I’m so over it.

    Nothing to do really but wait until my ultrasound which is scheduled for Monday anyways.

    Anyone else have ultrasounds coming up?

  25. LBarn

    coffee bean / 48 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I’m sorry, that’s so stressful! Spotting can be totally normal though so try not to worry too much. Glad your ultrasound is only a few days away!

  26. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I’m sorry, that is so stressful
    I have an ultrasound today, I’m only 5+1, so I don’t expect to see much, but hopefully a little blob!

    I’m actually nauseous now, which is new for me. I’ve been queasy for a few days and although haven’t thrown up, feel like I might need to. usually I don’t get morning sickness, just a little uneasy and not hungry, but that usually isn’t until a little later either.

  27. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    One little blob in there, measuring on track (5+1). I had more blood work after for some reason, and I get another ultrasound next week. It’s a nice perk of going to an RE

  28. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    Betas came back and hcg is like 9118 and progesterone 40. Anyone else get theirs run around 5+1? The nurse acted as if it was really high, and beta base seems to indicate that too...

  29. lavender

    grapefruit / 4542 posts

    @dc yoga bee: too cute!

    @LBarn: For my previous two pregnancy, I was a waking hive case, my allergiest was just like, “looks like your body just doesn’t like you pregnant” 🤷‍♀️

    @fuzzypeaches: sending you positive thoughts!

  30. MilPA

    coffee bean / 37 posts

    @LBarn: ugh hives are so uncomfortable!
    Well I think I jinxed myself telling a coworker I felt fine with no nausea or fatigue. Now I feel like a zombie
    @fuzzypeaches: Spotting and not really being able to do anything about it is miserable!

  31. LBarn

    coffee bean / 48 posts

    @lavender: ugh that sounds awful! Did you take Benadryl? I know it’s “fine” for pregnancy but still makes me nervous! I never had hives when pregnant with DD so I can only assume this baby is a boy and my body’s not happy about it

  32. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    Is anyone else always hungry!? Luckily, I’ve only gained three pounds so far but man I am hungry

  33. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    @dc yoga bee: I’m never hungry! I tend to lose 10ish lbs the first trimester, just from lack of appetite, I’ve never gotten sick. Then I really pack it on lol

  34. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    @LAZB: I meant to say cute picture earlier! I’m still throwing up multiple times a day so I think I am just actually really hungry and then get sick again!

  35. lavender

    grapefruit / 4542 posts

    @LBarn: I took it every once in awhile when I was super itchy. How are they doing now?

    Side note- aversions have started already. Can’t stand my beloved coffee right now. I’m nauseous all the time and all I want is rice or noodles all the time.

  36. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4746 posts

    @lavender: coffee was the first thing to go with the miscarriage and this pregnancy! And I LOVE coffee. I joke it’s the nectar of the Gods.

  37. LBarn

    coffee bean / 48 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: any update?

    I’m 7w4d today and just had some pink spotting

  38. elm5066

    pea / 23 posts

    @LBarn: I had a lot of spotting my first pregnancy - scared me so much, but it is actually normal and happens to a lot of people! Everything turned out fine. Hoping the same for you!

    I'm only 6.5 weeks and I already feel fatter! My pants are tighter I think I'm super bloated and I've been SO hungry. Anyone else?

  39. LBarn

    coffee bean / 48 posts

    @elm5066: thanks, that’s reassuring! I called my OB office and the nurse didn’t seem concerned at all.

    I’m totally with you on the bloat and hunger! I feel like I already look pregnant...

  40. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3145 posts

    Even though I’m not hungry and haven’t put on weight yet, I’m definitely rocking a bloat bump at not even 6 weeks! My stomach isn’t flat normally, but this is bigger than usual. Also, this is baby #4, so I guess my uterus is already kicking into gear

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