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May 2018 moms!

  1. anniefannie

    grape / 78 posts

    @hilsy85: thanks! Yeah, im getting more and more excited about having both experiences now.

  2. Navy_Mommy

    nectarine / 2458 posts

    Hey ladies! I haven't logged on to HB in forever (the Facebook group is easier on my phone)... how is everyone feeling?

    I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself (12 weeks and change) but still EXHAUSTED. That may be more cuz of the three kids I already have PLUS it's the busy season for work for me

  3. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    That is too funny about the constipation — I’m in the same boat. It’s quite the side effect — lol.

    Totally get the nervousness about having a baby of the opposite sex than the first. When I was pregnant with my first, I thought it was a boy and always wanted a boy — but had a daughter. On one of the many ultrasounds I’ve had b/c of the spotting the doc said she suspects it’s a boy — and it got me thinking that I can’t imagine having a son now that I’ve been a mother to a daughter. Love having a little girl! Relieved to read other mothers have enjoyed having both. In what ways is it the same/different?

    It’s really cool they’ll give you the option to find out the sex of the baby with the prenatal blood tests. I did the California State Screening and it wasn’t an option. Hoping for the best results for everyone!!!

  4. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @Navy_Mommy: I hope your exhaustion passes! I figured everyone was on the facebook page because this May mama thread is so slow!

    @MamaLlama: When is your next ultrasound? Do you think you will find out gender then?

    I found out I'm having another girl! I'm so excited because I grew up with a sister and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Happy for my little girl to have a little sister. But now I'm already thinking about a third attempt for a boy!

  5. hilsy85

    squash / 13762 posts

    @agold: congrats! That's exciting!

    @MamaLlama: I actually don't find that having a girl vs a boy is that different! If anything I find having a girl more difficult because I have so many more options for hair styling and clothing, ha! But mostly it's personality differences rather that differences due to gender.

  6. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2047 posts

    @agold yay, congrats on your girl!!! How exciting to have sisters. I have a sister who is almost 5 years younger than me and we are so close.

    I just posted on the FB group but I'll post here too, lol. I had my NT scan this morning, baby looks good. I did have complete placenta previa - a little scary but doctor said they almost always move as you get farther along. I have another ultrasound at 16 weeks to check. I'm on pelvic rest/no sex. Not that there is much of that happening right now. LOL.

    This appointment was with the perinatologist I saw with baby #1 for all my preterm labor/short cervix/contraction issues. He is going to start me on progesterone suppositories at 16 weeks (daily from 16-36 weeks) to help prevent those issues. Glad there is an option but progesterone suppositories are soooo gross.

  7. ScarletBegonia

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    Not much going on here except I feel freaking HUGE for 12 weeks. My nausea let up about 2 weeks ago and since then I've been eating for 5. It's bad. Somehow I'm still at my pre-pregnancy weight but I feel like I'm carrying around 20 extra pounds. I have my NT scan and bloods drawn for NIPT tomorrow, excited but feeling cautious as well - hard to believe that there is still something in there since I haven't seen it for almost 4 weeks. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Definitely excited to tell work - I'm slacking off big time and desperate for an excuse!

  8. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    @agold — congrats!!! that’s awesome! I’m hoping I get to find out at my 16 week appt at the end of November.

    @hilsy85 — that makes sense. my husband would like another girl because he thinks boys have a difficult stage between 7-12 years old, but I reminded him that he is a lot more sensitive and calm than the average male, so if we have a little boy he could have a similar temperament. I guess it’s just the nervousness of the unknown— lol!

    @mrsAds — my doc said the same thing to me. She even mentioned that all though it might be a bit paternalistic, she doesn’t tell her patients about the placenta previa unless there’s some symptoms because it’s so common and it is usually resolved by the third trimester. I’m hoping for good news about the placenta too at my next 16 week appt. When’s your appt?

    @scarletbegonia — I feel the same way. Even had to rush a delivery of maternity clothes I bought online last week cause I don’t fit into any of my regular clothes anymore. My husband even joked that there must be more than one baby in there lol!

  9. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @MamaLlama: Where did you get your maternity clothes from? I may need to buy a few things and not sure where I want to get them at.

  10. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2047 posts

    @mamallama @agold I've also had major issues finding mat clothes, ugh. When I was pg with #1, I was 10-12 lbs lighter than I am now. So some of my maternity clothes from then (like pants) are really too tight and uncomfortable, and I can't stand too tight right now. And then I went on bedrest at 23 weeks so I just didn't have a ton of maternity clothes (especially nicer/work stuff). I just wore cheap tank tops and athletic shorts most of the time. I have very little mat clothes. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Kohl's... it all fit badly, it's all going back. I just ordered a bunch from Old Navy, still waiting on it to get here, and I am about to order a cartful from ThredUp (used), so we'll see how that goes. I'm just having a bad time finding stuff that fits and looks decent!

    So I got my NIPT results... it's another boy! I am happy my son will have a brother and it will be fun to have 2 boys. I am a little sad I will never have a girl (don't plan to have more kids).

  11. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2047 posts

    @mamallama that's interesting what your provider said about placenta previa. My doctor basically said something similar (it usually resolves so don't worry too much about it) but did give me the pelvic rest precautions. I think because it was a complete previa - not just low lying placenta. I have a follow up ultrasound at 16 weeks, hopefully it has moved!

  12. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    @agold @mrsAds — i ordered from Old Navy. I have a hard time finding clothes too b/c apparently petite women don’t need maternity clothes Old Navy sizes are usually smaller than other brands so it’s good enough. But I do wish I had properly fitting clothes for pregnancy.

    @mrsAds — congrats!!! So exciting to find out! Totally understandable if you were hoping for a girl.

    I’m going to check out ThredUp — hope they have petite maternity clothes.

    Let me know how it goes. Hope it resolved soon!

  13. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @MrsADS: I bought a few things at Pea in the Pod last pregnancy and I wasn't totally happy with those, either. I do need work clothes, but I'm somehow able to go pretty far along without needing maternity. So then its get far into pregnancy and I hate to spend money on it all. When I'm at home, its leggings all the time. I was thinking I might try Ann Taylor Loft. I will look at Old Navy, too. I wish jcrew had some maternity pants still. And congratulations on your great NIPT results. (I'm assuming they are great genetically since you didn't mention anything being wrong.) And congrats on a second boy! So I'm a tad relieved to hear you say you are a little sad about not getting the other gender. I feel that way too about not getting a boy. Although, my husband is now constantly teasing me about trying for a third, and he's actually kind of serious. Omg. Its a tad overwhelming. Its good that you can know you are definitively done at two, which I thought I was but now don't know. Two boys will great! Brothers. So so cute.

  14. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @MamaLlama: Ann Taylor Loft has petite maternity and they usually have sales and deals and online coupons.

    I will check thredup, too. I've never heard of it and I don't generally like second hand stuff. But lately I've been buying tons of stuff for my daughter at a local consignment shop, so I suppose I could try it for myself.

  15. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2047 posts

    @agold I know what you mean about mat clothes - like after a certain point you just don't want to buy any more! I think that's how I ended up with so few clothes. I'm tall and mat clothes all look so ridiculous on me. I feel like I'm bigger and showing more already with #2 so as much as I hate spending the $$$, I feel like I have to have some clothes. Especially because with #1, I was wearing mat clothes only from like March-August in Florida, which meant just summery stuff. Now it's winter and although not really cold, I do need some long sleeves, etc.

    I have noticed in the last couple days having some weird cramping pain. Not quite cramping, I guess, it's not like menstrual cramps. I think it's probably stretching, maybe early round ligament pain, the uterus expanding. I guess?!

  16. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    @agold — I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  17. ScarletBegonia

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    Yeah I've been meaning to take a Target trip for a week to pick up some cheap work clothes - they have a surprisingly good range of maternity stuff at my local store. I just haven't been able to make it happen! Something's gotta give though - i keep wearing and washing the same 2 dresses, people are probably starting to wonder whats up.

    Had a scan yesterday and I measured 12w2d, 2 days ahead of where I was meant to be, which puts my due date squarely on my birthday! We'll see, I went 6 days over with my son so who knows. Scan was great, baby is SUPER active The u/s tech was getting really frustrated! Had a great meeting with the genetics counsellor and had bloods drawn for NIPT. I've secretly been thinking about a career change to genetics counselling so hung out with her for a while after the tests were done and spoke about career opportunities - pretty excited about that!

    After having yesterday off, i just want to be home on the couch - work sucks!

  18. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @ScarletBegonia: That's so interesting about your desired career change! Would it be an easy career transition, or would you have to go back to school for it?

  19. ScarletBegonia

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    @agold: I'm a biology teacher and have a background in genetics (worked in a cystic fibrosis lab for a couple of years before becoming a teacher) - I would need to do a masters but it looks like it can be done by correspondence and maybe while I'm on mat leave? I have to look into it more carefully - for now just trying to make it through the last 4 weeks of term at school and be on holidays!

  20. hilsy85

    squash / 13762 posts

    @ScarletBegonia: genetic counseling would be so interesting! And it seems like so much is constantly being learned, that it would be a really great field to get into.

    We had a great u/s yesterday at 12w1d--I had a tiny bit of pink spotting in the morning so it was good to get the reassurance. HB was 149. Still waiting for results of NIPT and the other genetic test I"m waiting on (congenital adrenal hypoplasia if you've heard of it). Next will be the blood draw for spina bifida at 15 weeks. We're seeing a bunch of family this weekend and I think will tell them.

  21. mamabird

    cherry / 188 posts

    Hey all! Anybody have bad round ligament pains? I’m 14 weeks today and so achey

  22. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @ScarletBegonia: Its sounds like quite a bit extra you need to do, but also sounds like you could do it relatively quickly! I'll be so interested to hear if you decide to make the switch!

    @hilsy85: I'm so glad you had a great ultrasound! Did you end up telling your family over the weekend? Have you gotten back any of your genetic testing results? I have never head of the condition you mentioned. I googled it and I think maybe someone if my husband's family may have that! Is it inherited? My husband doesn't know what this family member has and doesn't think its an issue. But I've always wondered if its an issue and inheritable. I'm totally going to mention the issue (or at least what I know about what this person has) to my ob tomorrow at my next appointment. Did you have to do specific genetic testing for that? I know that the early blood test I did for with this pregnant and my last, I only got results for a handful of things that all seemed to be trisomies. I also did get genetic testing done before I did IVF with my first girl. They said their was no problems, so I don't think they tested my husband. But I wonder what was actually tested and maybe my husband should have gotten tested! My sister does have a congenital heart defect, so I get checked for that during pregnancy. Anyhow.. I hope all your results come back great!!

    @mamabird: I'm so sorry you are dealing with round ligament pain! I haven't ever dealt with that. I am currently dealing with some sort of knee problem. I have no idea what I did but its killing me and seems to be something more than what some essential oils can fix. Ugh. I suppose I will have to go to the doctors.

  23. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    @mamabird — yeah, I’ve been aching too. I felt it much later in my first pregnancy. I also find the need to constantly stretch during the day. Have you started showing early?

    @hilsy85 — congrats on the ultrasound! Hope the results come in soon for the NIPT. How did the announcement go? I’m 15 weeks and haven’t told my family yet My friend jokes they’ll find out when they’re invited to the first birthday party lol

    @agold — hope your knee pain goes away just as easily as it showed up.

  24. hilsy85

    squash / 13762 posts

    @agold: you think CAH is a condition in your family?? That would be so weird! It's pretty random, ha. There are two forms the classical (salt wasting, more serious ) kind and the non-classical, not as serious kind (which is what my niece has). What makes you think your family member has it? I did have to do specific genetic testing for it, and I don't think it's something you're tested for on a regular panel, so I doubt you would have been tested for it in pre-IVF testing.

    That's the only thing I'm still waiting on--NIPT came back low risk for everything. Very relieved! It was so hard not to ask for the gender when the doctor called, ha.

    We also told our families (extended families) this weekend. Their reactions were all pretty disappointing. Kind of like, Oh. Ok. Well, congrats I guess. I guess for the third baby no one really cares that much, ha! I'm not upset at all, just think it's surprising! We also told a big group of our close friends and they were all thrilled and excited

    I am also definitely showing and am pretty much exclusively in stretchy pants! Next thing is to figure out how/when to tell work...

  25. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @hilsy85: It might be a condition in my husband's family. I don't actually know what this family member has and I'm going to try to find out! I'd rather not talk openly about this person's condition but I talked to my OB about it today and she said she might not be entirely too concerned. I'm still going to try to do some discrete digging to find out more info.

    I'm so glad your testing results have come back low risk thus far. That is always great news. And so funny about your families' reactions. Hopefully your excitement isn't contingent on theirs - it doesn't seem to be. And friends' excitement can be just as great! I dreaded telling my work, but I had to tell one day unplanned because of a calendar discussion that creeped into May! Good luck when you do tell!

    @MamaLlama: My knee pain is going away! It could be that a week has passed, or that I started rubbing essential oil on it two nights ago! I'll never know, but I was a day away from making an appointment with my doctor because it hurt so badly! How is your round ligament pain?

  26. hilsy85

    squash / 13762 posts

    @agold: only the salt wasting form is concerning and babies are tested for that routinely with the newborn heel prick. The non classical form is very easily managed and doesn't really present many issues at all. But either way, I doubt there's a reason for you to be worried about it!

  27. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @hilsy85: Thank you! I get really nervous about health stuff in general. And now with kids, I want to know about everything under the sun.

  28. ScarletBegonia

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    NIPT came back all low risk! What a load off! Meeting with my principal tomorrow to tell her - not entirely necessary as she's retiring in 3 weeks so my mat leave won't affect her, but its procedure I guess. So excited to tell people at work - I am seriously showing and seriously tired and cranky, hopefully now people will get it.

    Its all feeling so real now! Can hardly believe it. We're also telling our son tonight who will now tell everyone.

  29. mamabird

    cherry / 188 posts

    15 weeks tomorrow and we are having a boy!!! We found out earlier today! SO excited

  30. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @mamabird: Congratulations! You will now have two of each, right? That sounds so amazing. I love that you are having a fourth child. Do you stay at home with them, or go to work during the week? I'd love to consider having a third but it makes me so nervous!

    @ScarletBegonia: How did it go telling your son? Have you told anyone else? How's it going at your work?

    How is everyone feeling??? How is everyone doing with maternity clothes??? I just purchased two maternity jeans over the weekend for a pretty good discount. They are the kind that still have the zipper and button and have elastic panels where the front pockets would be. I'm not sure if I like them now that I'm wearing a pair today. I needed to find a longer shirt and I just feel frumpy. I'm scheduling a hair dye appointment asap to make me feel better!

  31. hilsy85

    squash / 13762 posts

    @mamabird: yay congrats!

    @ScarletBegonia: how did telling your principal go?

    @agold: I am wearing the same kind of jeans now--with a side panel. They are really comfy but definitely still too big and sliding down! I have otherwise been living in gap maternity gfast leggings, which I love.

    Ugh, I found out today that I am a carrier for that random genetic condition so DH needs to get tested. Hopefully he will be negative!

  32. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @hilsy85: Did you wear these types of side-panel jeans during your last pregnancy? I feel like mine are slipping down also, but I do like that they are not a full panel over my stomach. I still fit into my non-maternity jeans, as in I can still button them up. But they start to feel tight at the end of the day so I thought these side panels would be a nice alternative. But then I felt like I needed a long shirt to cover up the panels! I guess I just entered into the awkward maternity clothes stages! Darn it! And I hope the thing you tested positive for ends up not being anything you need to worry about. Praying your husband isn't a carrier. If he is not a carrier, then are there still any odds of passing it on to your baby?

  33. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2047 posts

    @mamabird yay congrats!!

    @agold I'm wearing pretty much all maternity pants with a few exceptions. I think my bump is mostly bloat/gas but I'm so uncomfortable in regular pants. Although I think maternity pants make me look even bigger. Ugh! I got my hair done over the weekend and it really helped!

    @hilsy85 hope the testing goes well!!

  34. agold

    pomegranate / 3420 posts

    @MrsADS: I'm pretty sure mine is bloat, too. Plus me just no longer sucking in my gut! I'm only up a pound so I know its not true baby belly yet. I'm dying to get my hair done. And nails. And a waxing! All of that always makes me feel better but I don't see it all happening for at least another week or two. Ugh.

  35. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    @agold: so glad you didn’t have to make an appt and it went away on its own. I’ve been feeling my joints crack a lot lately — hormonal?

    @hilsy85: I was also wondering how ur hubby’s result would impact the outcome.

    About clothes: I’m wearing these pants from old navy which have a band in front — kind of an in between the band and the side panels. I have to pull them up sometimes but that might be because they are jeggings — and are a tad bit big. I also got a pair with the full band from Loft (petite maternity) which have a great band, super smooth but they are a bit too small and it was too much of a hassle to return them by mail and waste the shipping — so I kept them. They’re ok for now, but will definitely outgrow them soon. I’m thinking of ordering a size up b/c they fit so well otherwise.

    Today I had my 16 week appt — had an us because of the low placenta, and it seems it’s moving, but still a tiny bit over the cervix, so more pelvic rest for me On the other hand, we found out we’re expecting a boy — so that was very exciting!!! For 20 mins we thought it was a girl and then at the end of the appt she turned out to be a him — quite the surprise haha.

  36. ScarletBegonia

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    @agold: @hilsy85: telling my principal went fine, like I said she's retiring at the end of the year so she's in a "not my circus, not my monkeys" mode and just enjoying the presents and praise she's getting (she's been in the role 14 years). She was very happy for me and didn't get into work stuff at all. Australia is pretty strict on mat leave allocations so no dramas with figuring out my time off or anything.

    Telling my son also went well, he kisses my belly every morning and every night says "is the baby sleeping in your tummy? I sleep in my bed?" its so cute. He really wants a brother - we'll see kiddo!

    I'm so bloated!! I'm wearing an empire waisted dress at work today cause it doesn't matter who finds out now, and I've told 3 or 4 people today and they glance at my stomach and are like..."we kinda figured"!! Also there was a bake sale at recess where I bought and ate 3 giant chocolate chip cookies - I now look at least 20 weeks along!

  37. ScarletBegonia

    persimmon / 1329 posts

    @MamaLlama: Congrats on the little boy!! Sorry about the continued pelvic rest - hopefully all for the best and the situation will be rectified soon!

  38. hilsy85

    squash / 13762 posts

    @agold: @MamaLlama: if DH is NOT a carrier, there is no chance the baby could have it. If he is, then there is a 50% chance. Hoping that he is not a carrier so we don't have to stress!

  39. MamaLlama

    pea / 21 posts

    @hilsy85: hope your results come back with zero chance of inheriting it. If it’s a very rare condition probability is on your side and he is not a carrier.

    @scarletbegonia: thanks! I’ve spent all day looking at those us pics — haha. It’s all starting to feel so real, and I can see myself starting to daydream — which for some reason I just didn’t do until today.

    Your little boy’s reaction is so cute!

    Glad it went well at work — perfect day to celebrate with some cookies. How long is maternity leave in Australia?

    @mamabird: congrats on your little boy!

    Question for all — my first baby was a winter baby and I’ve now started to think about what to get the little one. I’m pretty clueless about what clothes to buy a newborn in summer time. I live in California and it’s at least 90-100 degrees F. Does anyone have any experience with summer babies and what type of clothing/gear they need?

  40. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2047 posts

    @mamallama my son was born in August in south Florida so it was like 100 degrees every day. Honestly if we were at home, we just kept him in socks and a diaper or maybe a short sleeve onesie (we kept the house fairly warm). Light A&A blanket tossed over lower body if we were out somewhere with AC. That was pretty much it. My son was always really hot and sweaty so I didn't feel the need for anything else. I always saw people with their tiny babies in August dressed in footed sleepers and I was like OMG my child would have exploded from heat. Haha.

    For nighttime/naps we usually put him in a diaper and/or short sleeve onesie and a Swaddle Me cotton swaddle. No long sleeve/long pant pajamas until he was MUCH older.

    I was always very careful if we were going somewhere to go outside and turn on the car and let the AC run a little before getting in, if possible. If you have to get right in the hot car, make sure to take off any blankets, etc. so baby doesn't get overheated and blast the AC (they don't get as much when they are rear facing. And we just stayed inside because it was too hot to be outside.

    @scarlettbegonia I am also super bloated and easily look like I'm 20+ weeks pregnant if I don't "suck it in". I did tell work but for some reason I feel a little weird wearing full fledged maternity clothes this early (although I am wearing maternity pants!). I have some stomach issue and pregnancy makes me so constipated... which makes the bloating even worse... ugggh.

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