W is 11 months old and for about the past month he has hated pooping. I don't think he's constipated, his face turns red and he strains but only for a few seconds, and he's pretty regular, but he cries and cries, big tears rolling down his face, from when he starts straining until he's in a clean diaper. He also has an umbilical hernia that all the doctors have said is common and will close up by the time he's 2. Has anybody else ever seen something like this? Is it just his body getting used to the feeling? (He was EBF until he started solids at 6 months, when I think about it this probably started around the same time I started cutting down on nursing and ramping up on solids). I'll ask his doctor at his one year checkup but am wondering if maybe I should go sooner? Other than this he's an incredibly happy easy going baby.