I have a 5 year old son who began Kindergarten this year. My husband and I got an email from our son's teacher tonight with some concerns about his behavior. She mentioned that he and several of the other boys and recently started some really mean behavior and today my son pointed at another boy and laughed until the boy started crying. Additionally, she mentioned that he told a "secret" to some other students but wouldn't tell another boy and the boy became visibly upset to be left out. When we confronted our son about it, he started crying but then mid-crying fit, he broke out laughing (which I find incredibly disturbing). For obvious reasons, I think my husband, myself, and my son's teachers aren't really effectively getting through to him. I obviously understand that he is young and does these things to be liked by the other kids in his class but I was wondering if anyone was aware of any books or movies that might be appropriate for an elementary aged child to try to break through to him. We will obviously punish (take away privileges, etc.) for this kind of behavior and I plan to make him apologize to these children whose feelings he hurt but I really also want him to understand how his actions affect other people. Is there a movie or something out there that I could use as a tool as well?