I know this was a HOT topic on a site that rhymes with SchmeddingSchmee but I think we all can handle it.

I recently got an invitation to a wedding with "no children" written across the bottom in bold. I was kind of caught off guard because:

1. I know this girl has close friends and family members with children. Why would you want to exclude them? I can't imagine telling my closest girl friends or my cousins that they can't bring their children to my wedding! However, I understand this is only MY mindset.

2. It wasn't put in a very nice way (well, not that it was rude...maybe blunt?)

I don't think I would have thought twice about this before having a baby, but now that I am a mom I almost don't want to go!

What do you think? Discussion commence!!

ETA: I am not offended or angry. I understand I have the option of not attending. Just looking for discussion and perspectives!