Inspired by travellingbees plane thread, what are some great tips for longer road trips with multiple kids, and a toddler who hates the car and doesn’t sleep in it unless exhausted?

We did a 4 hour road trip and it was so hard and stressful for me. On a longer trip I’d probably be able to sit beside the kids so maybe that would help. We don’t want our toddler to just stare at a screen for 8 hours. We want to drive 8 hours each day for two days, but it seems impossible.

We have used snacks and we just tried the iPad for the first time with some shows. I also bought a magna doodle, etch-a-sketch, markers, and stickers. They were okay.

Am I missing some really sweet ideas?

2.5 year old, non-napper, rear facing, mirrors in the back. And an 8 month old. So I’m the summer they’ll be older. 2.5 year old has been a car hater for a year if it’s longer than half an hour.

Has anyone travelled at night as a solution? We’re considering it (or I am for my sanity) but then wondering how tired we would be driving and how hotels would work out and sleep for us the next day?