We are about to hop on the road with our 16 month old and I'm wondering if any of you have some tried and true tips for long stretches on the road with a kiddo. We have taken trips when he was 7 months, and one when he was 1 year. But this is a new phase. One where I feel like he may not handle these long stretches in the car as well as he did when he was a sleepy infant. Maybe I will be proven wrong?

The trip is 7.5 hours without a lot of stops. But he'll need to be changed, and I'm 25 weeks pregnant so I'm sure we'll be stopping to relieve my bladder more than I'd like. I usually like to just get in the car and go. But I know this will be different.

Other than electronic devices (not opposed, just not sure we're there yet) what have been your tried and true methods for getting through a long car ride with a young child? Books, songs, toys, food? One of us will most likely sit in the backseat with him.