Just curious:

-When did your LO watch his /her first movie in the cinema?
-How old was your LO at the time?
- What movie did you watch?
-What was his/her reaction? Did he/she like it or hate it?
-Was there any crying?
-Were you able to stay till the end or did you have to leave in the middle of the movie?
-How much screen time do you usually have on a daily basis and what do you watch usually?

Reason I asked is, we took DS (4.5 years old) to his first movie, Finding Dory, at the cinema today. It was nice cinema seating with gigantic reclining chairs. But he was TRAUMATIZED and cried. I had to have him sit on me in the middle of the movie. The second time he started crying was when Dory found the bunch of "Dories" and they said her parents are gone, and Dory went back into the ocean. DS cried like his parents died and said he wanted to go home. So we walked out and he was very traumatized, and said the movie was very scary. When asked if he was scared he'd get lost too, he said no, he just thought the movie was very Dory. Ahhh. And I wouldn't be able to find out what happened in the end until a few months later when the DVDs come out! The thing is before this movie, he watched Finding Nemo (well, first half of it) at the dentist and he said he loved it, and he didn't find it scary, and he would like to watch Finding Dory.

Tell me about your experience...