Don't know if you remember but I posted about my oldest having a nasty cold last week. Well, his fever finally broke after 4 days and two trips to see his ped bc I was worried about bronchitis. He's crazy as ever again.

However, now my 7-month-old is spiking a low-grade fever today. I think he caught what his big bro had. He's all stuffed up and coughing. So in an effort to try natural remedies to help reduce his fever w/o meds I remembered that my grandmother used to put onions in her room whenever she was sick. I didn't know why until I did a search about it and it's to help draw out the fever. Then I also read that I can put some cut up onions in a sock and make him wear it overnight. It also helps to draw out the fever. I really hope it works bc I am so afraid that his fever will spike higher and end up like his big brother all miserable for a few days. I wish I remembered about the onions when my oldest had his fever last week. My husband said that he smells like an Italian hoagie. He kind of does. And I smell like onions now too.

Have you heard of this natural remedy to help reduce fevers? Have you tried it before?