Alright, I'd like some opinions on names for our baby girl due in May. A little background first...

Our son is Eli, my hubby and I are both "E" names as well. So our daughter will be an E too! A lot of my favorite girl names are too close to Eli (Ellie, Ella, Elise). And I have quite a few friends with Evelyn's, so that is out.

Currently Emma and Etta are our top two. My hesitation with Emma is it's super popular. Etta is not, but I'm worried she'll get "wait what's your name? How do you spell that?" Her whole life.

My dad passed away last year. His name was Owen. We wanted to incorporate him into her name. Right now we are just leaning towards having her middle name be Owen. But I'm open to ideas.

What's your favorite?