Or nudity..... There have been posts about this in the past but I was wondering what everyone's takes on it were now. Reading over the older posts I saw a lot of hard cut off ages and also a lot of differences for mother/son vs mother/daughter and father/daughter vs father/son...

I'm talking parental nudity with your own kids. Do you feel there is a certain age or time frame that you should stop being naked in front of your kids? Is there a certain age you think kids should stop being naked in front of their parents or siblings?

This is a tough call for me. I am very comfortable in my body and with my own nudity. Not that I am prancing around the house naked but I do tend to be naked for a bit while getting ready or after getting out of the shower or when changing after work and I do not shy away from being in front of my kids when naked. Of course my kids are young....... I grew up in a NOT naked house and I know my mom had/has body issues and I suspect that is why she wasn't naked around us ever.

I am fine with being naked around my kids until they voice an objection. I don't want them to think there is anything wrong with being naked or with the human body.

DD prefers to sleep naked and is quite comfortable and free. I'd like to keep it that way and teach her that the human body is beautiful and natural. She has asked some questions that I've answered truthfully and honestly and it's no big deal.

In some of the older posts there were age limits and also comments like "I saw my mom naked and it scarred me" I hope to avoid that with my kids..... I think that this might be something that naturally evolves as my kids get older and boundaries change

ETA: I don't think I'll approach it any differently with my son vs my daughter either.... I'll try to be aware of both of their changing boundaries and hopefully accommodate them as much as possible.

What say you??