Okay - this is a weird question! But for the last couple of days I've had this pain in my left butt cheek......

It came on yesterday - I'd cleaned the house thoroughly and had a little lie down to rest afterwards. When I tried to get up, a sharp pain went though my butt cheek and my leg went kinda dead - I was limping about for a few minutes then it eased up. For the rest of the day, the pain was twingey, if you know what I mean? It came on whenever I tried to bend down to pick something up - but mostly I was okay.

Well, cut to today and I had a two hour drive to work. When I got out of the car, the pain went shooting though my butt cheek again - and there is has remained all day, twinging on and off but generally just making walking difficult. When I got in from work, I changed my clothes and I couldn't bend enough to put my socks on!!

What have I done to myself??? Is this pregnancy related, too? Has anyone else had this?? I'm only 11 and a half weeks!!!!