I am wondering if anyone has any tips for side sleeping while pregnant. I am 22 weeks and before pregnancy have always slept on either my stomach or back. Sleeping on my side is so painful and uncomfortable and I feel like the lack of sleep is killing me!

I have multiple pillows, put one between my legs, and the rest under my belly or at my back and surrounding me. I can fall asleep but within 45 minutes I wake up and either my hip or my ribs of the side I am laying on is hurting so bad. At this point I roll over to the other side and start all over. 45 minutes later and I am awake and in pain again. Lately my ribs and hips are actually sore during the day too, it almost feels like they are bruised or something.

I do not have a specific pregnancy pillow, I am going to buy one tomorrow to see if that makes a difference. My mattress is pretty new and fairly soft. I already tried a foam mattress topper and that didn't help.

I have also tried sleeping with my upper half propped up, and sleeping on the couch. I am about to lose it! I am only getting 3-4 hours of sleep every night and am like a zombie during the day.

Is anyone else having these problems, or have any tips for me?