I've been having some abdominal discomfort for the past 4 days, but until today it felt mostly like being VERY sore, stretching, so I thought maybe RLP. This morning, though, it really ramped up, and I started also having actual jabbing pains, and it kept me from sleeping it was so bad. Now it is better, mostly just extreme soreness and discomfort.
I don't have an upset stomach, am not constipated, and don't really know what this could be. It is more in my mid stomach/abdomen, and a little to the upper area. I called my doctor's office and my doctor is out today. The doctor on call just wants me to take tums and call back if I start a fever or the pain gets worse. I'm fine with that, even though I'm sure it's not a heartburn issue. I am going to my doctor for my A/S and 20 week appointment tomorrow, so I figure if it's nothing serious, it can wait another day.
Any thoughts as to what this could be?