Am I the only one that thinks that using your backup camera in your car is NOT a suitable replacement for mirrors?

I was walking out of target today as a woman in her BMW X3 was backing out of her spot. At first I thought she was on her phone and just not paying attention, as her head wasn't moving. But I then realized she was looking down at her screen in her console as she backed up. Her side view mirrors weren't even OPEN (they must close when parked). Her head didn't even rotate a degree on its axis to check her blind spots. It wasn't until a pedestrian standing at a diagonal unloading his cart thumped her car with his hand (because she was about to hit him) that she realized he was there.

Side note: my dad got backed into at a parking lot last year (his car was stationary). The woman who hit him claimed that my dad "must have jumped out at 60 mph because she was 'checking her camera the entire time and never saw him". I actually witnessed the eyeroll of the cop as he then said "ma'am, cameras don't replace your mirrors and your common sense."

Please tell me I'm not alone on this.