Dh works as an assistant manager for a rather large family chain restaurant as the opening manager. He generally works from 5:15-3:30 sometimes longer. When he gets up in the morning for work he is not quiet which wakes up E who still co-sleeps with us. Often times I will have just got E back down from his 3:30 dance party. So we ended up nursing E again between 5:15 and 5:30 when I give up trying to give him a pacifier. E will sleep for about an hour sometimes two and then he wants to be up for the day.
Why is E still in our room you ask? Wouldn't he get more rest in his own room? Why yes he would but DH is too tired to help me move the queen size bed out of the baby room and put up the other crib.
Also I feel like I live in a pile of laundry (all be it clean). Dh can't be bothered to put his clothes away and would prefer to just live out of baskets. He just wants to do it tomorrow, but his tomorrow's never come.
Tonight while we were bathing the boys he made a comment about how if it wasn't for him that my car would have been repossed because I couldn't afford it right now. However when I bring up the comment he just tries to play it off as a joke. I do work from home but I am definitely not the bread winner, we used to be more equal partners money wise but since E's premature arrival and present feeding issues I have been working from home so I have some income.
Tonight he feel asleep on the couch which he does sometimes when I shook him to go to sleep he said "I can't there is stuff all over my bed". I spent all day trying to clean up and rearrange the bedroom so we would have more space but did he say thank you? No. I came up and cleared everything off and all he said was why are you mad at me?
As I type this he is just snoring away and it is all I can do not to beat/smother him with a pillow. I love him to pieces but I am so upset with him right now.

/vent. Sorry for the novel.